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Investing in property is always a good idea if you have the resources. If you are looking for a property for sale the question is not if but where in the Philippines. Within Metro Manila, Pasig City and Quezon City emerge as attractive locations for your next big investment. But which city offers the better properties for sale? Which one deserves your hard-earned savings better? 

Why You Should Consider Quezon City for a Property for Sale

Quezon City isn’t just the largest city in the whole of Metro Manila. It’s also strategically located at the center of the metropolis, which means all roads traversing the metro pass this way. As such, Quezon City is an important central hub that will continue to experience growth as the nation prospers. 

As a result, Quezon City is now playing host to a growing number of residences, industries, and recreational and entertainment facilities. It helps that traveling from the city to other areas in Metro Manila and nearby provinces is much easier here. After all, Quezon City plays house to a central transportation hub (Cubao) that houses a number of provincial buses bound for Northern, Southern, and Eastern destinations. It also houses the common station for two major train systems, LRT 1 and MRT 3, and will soon also play a major role in Metro Manila’s subway system. 

With over 161 square kilometers in area, Quezon City has more to offer compared to other cities. It’s home to some of the country’s biggest parks, malls, and entertainment centers. At the same time, it also hosts some of the country’s most exclusive and progressive villages (New Manila, White Plains, La Vista, Greenmeadows, Corinthian Gardens, etc). Plus, both the University of the Philippines and Ateneo De Manila have their main campuses here.   

You can never go wrong investing a property with SMDC’s Glam Residences located in EDSA-Kamuning for convenience of city living or Vine Residences located in Novaliches for that suburban living with access to nearby malls.

Despite its reputation as a bustling city, the city remains one of the country’s most tax-friendly locations. Even as housing projects continue to mushroom in the city, property prices per square meter are much lower compared to Makati, BGC, and even Pasig. Depending on the exact location, Quezon City property prices range between P30,000 to P100,000 per square meter on an average.   

Why You Should Consider Pasig City a Property for Sale

Meanwhile, Pasig City is a prosperous location desired by Filipinos wishing to take up residence or invest in new opportunities. It helped that the Ortigas center emerged as the third biggest business district in the country (after Makati and BGC). While Ortigas Center is shared with Quezon City and Mandaluyong, the area housing the majority of skyscrapers belongs to Pasig. 

As Ortigas Center blossomed during the early 1990s, many enterprising individuals decided to take residence in nearby areas. This gave rise to Pasig’s prominent and posh villages, including San Antonio and the Valle Verde phases. Ortigas Center also gave rise to a number of residential condominiums and titanic shopping malls. For a time, SM Megamall became the world’s largest shopping mall until its sister Mall of Asia took the crown. Other prominent malls in the area include EDSA Shangri-La, Podium, and Estancia. The Kapitolyo area, named after the former location of the neighboring Rizal province capitol, also became an after-work and weekend destination for its many shops and restaurants. 

Want to experience the luxury of living in the city? Try The Velaris Residences there’s a lot of treasure trove waiting for you with this property. Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life? If you want to have to be in a relaxing resort-feel like property Sorrento Oasis is the answer for you.

Outside of the business districts, Pasig also began developing the fringe villages further east. Currently, property prices in Pasig run between P60,000 per square meter outside the business district and up to P230,000 sq/m within Ortigas center on an average. The ripple effect of having a business district helped make utilities such as power, water, and internet widely available in the city, even those away from Ortigas. 

Pasig and Quezon City Properties for Sale: Which One is the Better Deal?

Investing in either city can prove a wise undertaking within a few years. While both cities are a tier below the heavyweights Makati and BGC, many see both QC and Pasig as the next in line to become major superpowers in Metro Manila. Quezon City, in particular, holds the biggest potential due to its sheer size. Right now, developments along the EDSA North Triangle area are more than bustling. The construction of the common terminal for Metro Manila’s rail systems as well as the subway is attracting a number of investors in the area. The Vertis area near Trinoma is now overseeing the completion of a number of condominiums as well as a new Ayala business park and the newest Solaire casino and hotel. 

Meanwhile, Pasig continues to stay in the running as one of the most important business districts in the country today. Filipinos living on the north and east sides of the metropolis find Pasig a viable alternative to its southern counterparts. The continued rise of new buildings and more shopping malls in Pasig is a testament to its growing success. 

In order to reach the next level, both Pasig and Quezon City must solve perennial problems such as traffic and flooding. Once their local leadership finds an acceptable solution to alleviate these common Metro Manila problems, expect property prices to rise even more. Right now, you can’t go wrong investing in Pasig, Quezon City, or both. 

Let Ohmyhome Help You Look for a Property for Sale in Pasig or Quezon City

Are you looking for properties for sale? Let Ohmyhome help you get the latest buzz on the hottest properties in QC, Pasig, or elsewhere in the Philippines. Visit us at the Ohmyhome Philippines website and get a free property consultation. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying, selling, or just browsing. Our friendly customer service personnel will be on hand to help you out.  
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