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Summer is here and we can’t blame urban folk for making the most of every opportunity to hit the beaches! While they dream of spending vacation days lying idle in the sand, smart homebuyers dream of something else. They want people to spend money on their properties by the sea. Amazingly, beachfront properties in the Philippines are among the most desirable vacation spots during the summer. Tourists all over come to spend a few days on the country’s many famous beaches. However, many fall in love and decide to stay for good.

Why Beachfront Properties in the Philippines Are a Great Investment

Beachfront properties in general are great property investments. They can provide an excellent return depending on the location’s popularity. Renting them out for short spells can be a very profitable venture. Beachfront properties in tropical countries can draw the most tourists during the summer months. However, the country’s year-round tropical climate also means guests from colder countries would also want to spend winters here. The best part about investing in beachfront properties is that you have a place to go whenever you want to escape the madding crowd. You can stay as long as you want and then once you’ve had your fill, your property is open for business again.

Of course, the debate over the best beaches in the world will always draw the Philippines into the conversation. What’s not to like? The country has been blessed with tropical sunshine, soft sand beaches, gentle seas, and welcoming locals. With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines’ total coastline is the 5th largest in the world, even longer than that of the United States. It also means plenty of beach action among the 7,100 islands that comprise the country.  

The Best Beach Locations in the Philippines

Several standouts have become certified tourist magnets among the many beaches in the Philippines. Below are five of the most popular summer locations in the Philippines famed for their merry mix of sun, sea, and sand:


Probably the most famous strip of white sand ever, Boracay is a must-visit destination for many travel junkies. Apart from its ultra-fine white beach and sparkling blue waters, Boracay is also famous for its 24/7 fiesta atmosphere and very active nightlife scene. Boracay is perfect for tourists who love the idea of mingling with fellow travelers and locals.


While Boracay is hands down the most attractive option for everyday tourists, but Palawan has more to offer. If swimming, snorkeling, and diving, aren’t enough adventures, visitors can also explore underground rivers and visit ancient burial sites. Despite the many attractions, Palawan’s many beaches will always be the main draw. Like Boracay, its white sand beaches, stunning blue waters, and teeming marine wildlife can leave guests captivated.


Bohol Island is a great third option if you already had your fill of Boracay and Palawan. Apart from its great expanse of pristine white beaches, the island is also home to lush forestry and exotic wildlife. It’s also the home of the famous Cholocate Hills, a series of small mounds that resemble confectionaries during bright summer days. Like Bora and Palawan, Bohol enjoys tropical weather year-round which means a perfect island fiesta atmosphere.


Cebu is a major island that offers plenty of attractions for visitors who want more than just the Manila experience. Among the province’s delights are over 170 islands that offer different beach experiences. This includes havens such as Bantayan Island and Sumilon Island. Meanwhile,  Malapascua Island and Moalboal are great spots for whale shark watchers.


A relatively new entry to top Philippine destinations, Siargao is currently a popular surfing spot located in Mindanao. While world-class surfers regularly embark on a pilgrimage to try out the famous Cloud 9 spot, other tourists enjoy island hopping to its famous beaches. Additionally, Siargao is a great place to socialize due to its vibrant nightlife and diverse crowd.

The Best Beachfront Properties in the Philippines

Investors interested in beachfront properties in the Philippines will find plenty of options. Unfortunately, standalone properties such as house and lot units and townhomes remain exclusive to Filipinos. However, foreign investors can still purchase a slice of paradise as long as they invest in a condominium project that is 60% Filipino-owned. Thankfully, a couple of preselling beachfront properties in the Philippines still have available units to prospective investors. Let’s look at three of the hottest-selling properties in the market right now:

Pico Terraces (Batangas)

Pico de Loro (Parrot’s Peak) is a popular trekking destination situated between the provinces of Batangas and Cavite. Located on the Hamilo coast, a beach resort town featuring a 31-kilometer coastline, Pico De Loro is the background for its namesake protected cove. Philippine Mall operator SM made waves back in the 1990s by acquiring the surrounding area and turning it into a large-scale beach and country club complete with residential properties. Pico Terraces is the newest residential enclave spanning four midrise condominiums across 2.1 hectares. With over 80% of the area dedicated to open spaces, Pico Terraces is all about letting nature back into your life. The property’s design exudes a tropical architectural concept set within a lush, nature-heavy background. Set to open its doors by 2027, acquiring one of its remaining 75 units can pay off big down the line.

Homebuyers can choose from one and two-bedroom layouts, with prices starting at P11.85 million and P20 million respectively. Three-bedroom options are also available but are already sold out. Each unit comes with a balcony for a perfect view of the surroundings. Homebuyers also have the option to purchase a club membership along with their condo unit, which gives them unfettered access to the entire resort’s world-class facilities. However, residents of Pico Terraces can enjoy exclusive amenities including three private pools, a gazebo, a cabana, and a fitness center.

Praya Residences (Palawan)

From Batangas, we move southwest toward Puerto Princesa, the capital of scenic Palawan. While many of Palawan’s most awesome destinations require an additional road trip, the capital does have a lot to offer. Nagtabon, Sabang, and Monkey Beach are some of the few beaches that offer that magical combination of soft sand and clear water. What better way to enjoy the bounties of Puerto Princesa than to set roots there? Vista Estates’ Praya Residences is a conclave of three medium-rise condominiums that offer each homeowner an unobstructed view of what Palawan has to offer. Depending on their choice of unit, spectacular views of the mountains, the mangroves, or the seas will greet residents daily. 

Plus, each of Praya’s 12-story residential towers holds 197 units consisting of either one-bedroom units measuring 46 sqm or two-bedroom units at 79 sqm. Prices start at P12 million for the former and P18.67 million for the latter. Along with Bali-inspired architecture, homeowners will enjoy a private sky garden, landscaped atriums, a sky patio, and an infinity pool. Even better, they’ll also have direct access to nearby beaches. Once it launches in 2025, we’re pretty sure initial homebuyers will happily see their investments take an upward jump in value.

Costa Mira Panglao (Bohol)

Last but not least, Bohol’s stature as a top beach destination continues to climb up the charts. Folks disinterested in the crowds drawn by Boracay’s beaches will find Bohol as a chiller, more relaxed version. At the same time, traveling to its many beaches is an easier task in Bohol compared to Palawan. In addition, Bohol offers plenty of activities the whole family can enjoy. Aside from pristine beaches, the island province also offers scenic land tours, river cruises, and even a visit to the world’s second smallest primate: the Philippine Tarsier.

For those who can’t get enough of Bohol, especially Panglao Beach, Costa Mira Panglao now offers the opportunity of a lifetime. The development follows an Integrated Beach Resort Community design that will also offer property management services to assist homeowners. Currently, studio units measuring 22 sqm are selling at P3.91 million while the price of a 38.91 sqm one-bedroom unit starts at P5.1 million. Note that these are preselling rates that will very likely shoot upward once the project finishes in 2027.

In addition to their brand-new unit, residents can also enjoy amenities that help keep them in a tropical paradise mood. This includes exclusive access to Costa Mira’s clubhouse, adult & kiddie pools, a garden lounge, a function hall, and a fitness gym.  Then, there’s that wonderful access to Panglao’s famous beaches.

Looking for the Best Beachfront Properties in the Philippines? Ohmyhome Leads the Way!

Of course, the three properties listed above are just a small sampling of the many for-sale beachfront properties in the Philippines. Ohmyhome is the Philippines’ premier property tech platform that’s home to thousands of property listings from over 200 of the country’s best developers.

In addition, Ohmyhome can also help homebuyers find great deals and the best financing options available to fund their latest dream acquisition. We can also help unload existing properties to improve liquidity as well as provide assistance throughout the entire buying and selling process.

All you need to do is sign up for a free account and log in! Help from our army of licensed real estate professionals and awesome customer service staff will be made available immediately. So join Ohmyhome now and get that awesome homebuyer experience today!

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