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What to Expect From Ohmyhome Renovation Services


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If you’ve watched enough home makeover shows on television, you’ll know that renovations can be a ton of work. Seasoned homeowners who have experienced this first hand would know this to be a fact as well. But it doesn’t have to be this way, especially with Ohmyhome Renovations.

What to Expect From Ohmyhome Renovation Services

1. First meeting with the clients

Once you have reached out to our team and expressed your interest in our home renovation services, the first meeting will be arranged to run through the floor plan and conduct a site visit.

Seeing our client’s floor plan gives a more accurate scale to explore the space. Many designers see floor plans as a launch pad to kickstart design ideas, just like creating art on a blank canvas. It helps them visualise the space and brainstorm how to plan the flow of space, which can be used to create three-dimensional (3D) perspectives for the client in the later stages.

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Getting to know the homeowners is also crucial in this stage. Considerations such as family size and design preferences need to be factored in as it helps to cater the spaces accordingly. We don’t want your home to be all about aesthetics-it has to be functional too.

Considerations such as family size and design preferences need to be factored in the first meeting as it helps to cater the spaces accordingly.

For example, by knowing the size of your family, our interior design team can consider the ramifications of hacking walls or merging bedrooms. Newlywed couples planning to have children in the future may prefer to have a spare room that can be later converted into a study or entertainment room. Those living near their parents can also consider turning that extra room as a guest bedroom for when they babysit the kids. These are just some of the scenarios that may be discussed during the meeting so our team thoroughly understands how to remodel a home best-fit for you.

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2. Conceptualisation and planning

After all the cards have been laid out in the first meeting, our designers will get to work and begin the conceptualisation and planning process. This includes everything from estimating the cost of labour, sourcing different materials, and the list goes on. They will also start collaborating with our partner contractors, with regards to the work timelines and so on.

Many homeowners attempt this step on their own in hopes to save cost. However, most people find themselves spending even more due to the lack of knowledge on the matter at hand. When you engage with a renovation service provider like Ohmyhome Renovations, you do not have to worry about finding contractors. We will provide the necessary resources and connections to source the best materials that fit your budget.
Take a look at some of our past projects to get a clearer idea on what we can offer.

3. Receive your quotation

After the first meeting and initial planning process, our team will come up with an estimated quotation that suits the client’s budget as well as the desired outcome of their home. In this case, a site visit will be necessary to ascertain the actual works to be done. However, if the schedule is tight, pictures will also be helpful.

Pro Tip: You need to be prepared for the financial commitment required to achieve the best outcome for your home renovation project. Though the renovation cost largely depends on whether you’re doing major or minor works-the latter being less costly-you should be prepared to pay for high-quality work.

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To receive a free estimate based on your property type, simply fill up this form on our renovation website.

4. Second meeting: Run through the proposal

At this point in the timeline, we have reached a checkpoint and made it to the second client meeting. At this stage, the project proposal will be examined thoroughly with the client to update them on the project’s progress as well as what to expect in the coming weeks.

This is also to ensure that both clients and key team members are aligned and aware of the different stages of the project.

5. Do 3D renderings and revise any changes

Whether you’re renovating a single room or your entire home, we will be providing you with 3D realistic renderings to give you a glimpse of what the design idea will look like in real life.

3D visualisation facilitates productive client presentation and paints a clearer picture of the design. More often than not, projects that fail to push through are a result of clients not being able to visualise a design, which is a completely preventable circumstance.

At the same time, clients can also simultaneously request for changes to be made as the designs are being presented digitally. By replacing, shifting, or changing elements virtually, manual labour and error are significantly reduced along with the risk of high costs.

6. Third meeting: tiles, lights, and sanitary ware shopping

This is where prep work begins! Shopping for different fixtures for installation is probably one of the most enjoyable parts in a home renovation. Based on the final designs, your materials will then be confirmed and ordered from our comprehensive list of suppliers.

Since we only want materials and fixtures of the highest-quality, we work with only the best manufacturers and suppliers both locally and internationally, including Nippon Paint, Aviva, Commune, EDL, Hafary, and Blum. Clients will also be involved in this process to ensure that their desired outcomes are met.

7. Application of permit (if any)

Depending on the nature of the works, some alterations and additions may be exempted if it lacks a significant impact on the structure itself while other activities still require a permit.

When it comes to HDB renovations, chances are you’ll be needing a permit before you start hacking away at your walls. Before any renovation work commences, ensure that you have filled up and submitted the Application for Renovation Permit from HDB.

For landed property owners, don’t think you’re off the hook just yet. Depending on the nature of the works, some alterations and additions may be exempted if it lacks a significant impact on the structure itself while other activities still require a permit. While this may seem like a tedious step in the process, our experts will apply for the necessary permits on your behalf before renovation commences.

To see the full list of the structural works that are exempted, do refer to the first schedule of the Building Control Regulations.

8. First day of on-site renovation

After all the planning and preparation, this is where we finally get down and dirty. At this stage, all the workers involved would have already been briefed on their specific roles as well as the overall project timeline.

Since construction work can be disruptive and obstructive for homeowners and their families, most clients plan their holidays or a rental unit at the same time as their home renovation timeline. That is why we don’t advise clients to be around as the tasks are being carried out. But the contractors and renovation experts will keep them in the loop and update them accordingly.

9. Arrange for site walk-through and finalise any touch ups

As the project wraps up and draws to a close, a final site walk-through with the homeowners will be set up to give the homeowners a sneak peek into their new home. At this point, their house would’ve made a complete 180-degree transformation and have materialised to look like their ideal home.

Any final touch ups and changes can be made at this stage before wrapping up all the structural and interior works.

10. Handover and move-in day

The moment that all future homeowners are waiting for after weeks of renovation: handover day! This is the final stage of any home build, where clients can finally take ownership of their keys and call their place “home”.

You can also still get in touch with our Relationship Managers or interior design team directly for any problems you spot after the home renovation. We’ll get in touch with our partners and contractors to get it fixed for you immediately.

Enjoy a Seamless Home Renovation Experience with Ohmyhome

Now that you have an idea of what to expect from Ohmyhome Renovation Services, we are more than ready to serve you!

Renovation not just improves the overall value and aesthetic of your house, but it allows you to enjoy your home to the fullest and incorporate a part of yourself into the spaces around you.

So sit back, relax and let us turn your house into a home.

To find out more about our renovation packages in greater detail, get in touch with us at +65 6886 9009!

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