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What Condo Buyers Can Expect From Ohmyhome Agents

Maelyn Lagman

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Are you ready to buy a home? Whether it’s your first or second time, the decision to purchase a home should remain carefully thought out. There are financial and timeline considerations you must take into account before saying yes to the seemingly good buy, as well as a slew of other factors.

If you are a seasoned investor, it doesn’t hurt to have a real estate professional smooth out the process for you, like handling the documentation process. And for first or second-time buyers, having a property agent with the skills and expertise to lead you towards accomplishing your property goal would be a great benefit. Therefore, you must find the right property agent to help you find the right home for you.

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Why Ohmyhome?

More than just a PropTech company, Ohmyhome also comprises a team of top-performing real estate agents in Singapore. Ranked among Singapore’s Top 1% real estate agents based on transaction volume by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA), Ohmyhome Super Agents are your best chance at finding the right private property, at the right price, in the right location.

The unique appeal of Ohmyhome Super Agents

Ohmyhome agents are full-time employees of the company, unlike freelancers or part-timers in external real estate agencies. Supported by Ohmyhome’s end-to-end services, they have access to our in-house teams, including tech, marketing, customer support, mortgage, legal, renovation, and maintenance services. The existence of such a broad support network allows them to focus their efforts on accomplishing what’s most important: serving you at every stage of your housing journey.

Ohmyhome agents are supported by the whole company to help you buy a condo fast and at the best price.

Once you engage our Condo Buyer Agent Services, our Customer Support team will pair you up with a Super Agent specialised in private properties and a specific area in Singapore-whether it’s North, North-East, West, or Central. Their location-specific niches and expertise in transacting one type of property mean you are getting a highly-optimised agent from whom you can receive tailor-fit property recommendations that could speed up your home search.

With an Ohmyhome Super Agent now in your corner, you can expect these seven things from the start and to the end of your condo buying journey:

  • Zero commission payable for a new launch condo purchase
  • Free consultation
  • Mortgage financial assessment
  • New launch insights and analysis
  • Progressive payment scheme
  • Updates on direct developer prices and exclusive star-buy and VVIP discounts
  • Facilitate conveyancing services with legal advisors (optional)

Dive Deeper:

1. Zero commission payable for a new launch condo purchase

The best thing about engaging an Ohmyhome Super Agent is you won’t have to pay our Super Agents the usual, market-rate commission fee if you decide to move forward with purchasing a new launch condo through Ohmyhome.

2. Free consultation

When your appointed Super Agent meets you at home, they will:

  • Get to know more about you
  • Learn your purpose for purchasing a private property
  • Find out your future property goals
  • Understand your financials
  • Craft the best timeline planning

They will also be presenting the history and services of Ohmyhome, as well as a property market report from our in-house tech team for your understanding of their recommendations.

3. Mortgage financial assessment

Would you need to pay the Buyer’s Stamp Duty? How much can you borrow from the bank? Do you have enough for your cash down payment?

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Knowing the maximum loan amount you can secure, and the property purchase price is extremely crucial in understanding your financial capabilities. Our Super Agents will help you calculate your financials by using our Affordability Calculator. Plus, as we’ve partnered with almost all the banks in Singapore, we have in-house mortgage specialists ready to summarise the best interest rates for you.

We will also generate a valuation report and an in-depth mortgage report, which would contain your loan eligibility, cash or CPF downpayment required, information on upfront costs like stamp duty, legal fees, and the monthly instalment amount.

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4. New launch insights and analysis

You can also expect to receive a detailed and unbiased analysis of the new launches best-suited for you. Our specialised Super Agents have the expertise and experience to recommend you the best new launch projects in the city-state, highlighting its unique attractions such as amenities or facilities, with your budget and intended location in mind. This will help you explore the possibility of choosing the right home comfortably.

5. Progressive payment scheme

The progressive payment scheme is for properties that are in the process of being built. This scheme refers to the payment by instalments, with each payment made when a specific milestone of the development is reached. When the construction works reach a particular milestone, the developer will send you an invoice.

Great financial planning is detrimental to the success of your housing journey, with which your property agent can help you.

During the initial stages, payments are far apart. Payments then become more constant from the fourth stage onwards.

Ohmyhome Super Agents will guide you through this process step by step, as the information will help you understand your future and plan your budget accordingly.

6. Updates on direct developer prices and exclusive star-buy and VVIP discounts

A key difference in purchasing a new launch condo is the different prices at the different stages of its development. During preview launches, real estate developers are known to offer price discounts on what is locally known as ‘star-buy’ units, which are those that are usually the hardest to sell for a variety of reasons-bad facing or low floor chief among those list of reasons.

With an Ohmyhome Super Agent, you can expect to enjoy the best available discount for the project, should you decide to move forward with it.

7. Facilitate conveyancing services with in-house legal advisors (optional)

Conveyancing involves the legal transfer of homeownership from the seller to you, the buyer. The conveyancing process starts when your offer on the house is accepted and finishes when you receive the keys.

With Ohmyhome, you will have the option to engage our legal conveyancing advisors to ensure a smooth and easy housing transaction.

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Dedicated customer support team

Never feel alone when buying a home ever again with Ohmyhome’s dedicated customer support team.

Throughout the whole selling process, you will also receive constant updates via your Ohmyhome WhatsApp group chat and email, as overseen by our Ohmyhome Customer Support team. They will be your main point of contact; apart from your agent, you can ask them any pending questions you might have whenever your agent is unavailable.

Discover the best-selling projects in Singapore

And let us help you get the best new home for you or your loved ones! Stay updated on new launches or indicate your interest on a specific project right here.

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