In The Spotlight: How to Sell Your Home FAST Seminar


We have successfully held our second housing literacy seminar last third Saturday of July! If you haven’t joined us in any of our seminars yet, don’t worry! You can join us next time.

Being true to our commitment to make housing transactions simple, fast and affordable, we conduct free seminars every third Saturday of the month. We aim to share some of the amazing knowledge our in-house agents possess. For those who missed out, fret not! We shared tips and tools that will assist in your home selling journey- to sell your home FAST.

Our team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you a jam-packed session filled with effective selling strategies critical in helping to sell your home fast, complete with various hands-on and group brainstorming activities.


Organised by Ohmyhome and held in our public seminar chamber, the dynamic two-hour seminar was essentially four highly-interactive workshops in one. Participants were treated to an exciting day of learning into our latest cutting-edge solutions and innovative technology to support their home selling journey, along with live demonstrations on our app.

To provide an opportunity to connect with one another, the attendees were broken up into five main HDB clusters: North, East, West, Central, and North East. Led by two of our seasoned in-house property agents, Douglas Quah and Zen Lim, they pumped up the group with their energy. The engaging sessions provided prospective home sellers with a two hour deep dive into various pricing and negotiation strategies to photography techniques as well as an opportunity to learn more about what it takes for a seamless property transaction.
With that in mind, here are some of the key takeaways from our second seminar.

1. Take photos at the right angles and lighting

Did you know anytime before 4 pm is best to schedule your home photography so that the sun isn’t too low?

Perhaps one of the most critical elements to this four-part formula, photos make a big difference when it comes to selling your house. With visual being 90% of information transmitted to the human brain, it becomes more critical to understand the right angles and lighting with home photography. The four golden rules of home photography apply: Declutter, Dress up your house, Lighting, and Angle.

Later, the participants were able to transform their learnings into a practical application during the interactive, hands-on component of the session.


2. Find the ideal price of your unit for pricing strategy

Wonder how much your unit is valued?

Using our Valuation Calculator, you can find out your home valuation and ensure your unit is attractive to buyers by pricing it against other units in your area. The valuation calculator gives you an instant estimation of how much your unit is valued today, which will help in your pricing strategy.


3. Highlight the selling points of your area

With the group participants already broken into the various regions, our in-house agents assisted in brainstorming the strong selling points according to individual areas. Along with picking up some negotiation techniques along the way, the attendees learnt that an effective way to get a buyer’s attention is to emphasise the key selling points of an area.

Factors that could be useful during your negotiation with prospective buyers include:

  • How close your home is to the MRT station
  • If your unit has a great view
  • Any future key infrastructure development
  • How far away your home is from required amenities


4. Speed up the process of finding a home buyer by using our ShoutOut feature

Are you looking to sell your house urgently?

The last portion of the seminar demonstrated how one can use the in-app ShoutOut feature to suggest a listing while helping with buyer-seller matching 3X faster and providing access to thousands of home searchers in Singapore. The attendees learned how they could filter the ShoutOuts that match their listings, based on budget, unit type, location, number of occupants and much more. This speeds up the search of potential homebuyers who may be interested in their homes, as they suggest their listings to those who might find it suitable for them.

The seminar highlighted plenty of lessons specific to potential home sellers – all to help sell your home fast! Like our Facebook page and be updated with our upcoming seminars.

Download Ohmyhome app now and post your listing. If DIY property transaction does not suit your lifestyle, you may engage our HDB Resale Agent Service.

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