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Renovation 101: How to Choose a Home Renovation Company


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Flipping through pages of the Ikea catalogue and already itching to start work on your dream home? We’re definitely guilty of getting carried away with our renovation goals judging from our personal stash of Pinterest-worthy interior design screenshots.

But the cold hard truth?

Any kind of renovation project almost always guarantee a hefty price tag. To avoid being another chapter in the metaphorical book of renovation horror stories, follow these useful tips to get you started on a smooth remodeling project.

1. Set a renovation budget

It’s time to whip out a calculator! Finding the right renovation budget for your home is crucial. How much are you willing to spend that is also squarely within your means? Well, it works if you have a rough figure to start with. According to Qanvast, the total cost of a home renovation generally starts from $20,000 to $50,000. Some factors you may need to consider is the size of your floor plan (the larger your home, the more expensive your renovation can be), the complexity of your renovation (are you hacking a wall for that kitchen island or simply installing fancy new doors?) and property type (resale, BTO, condo and landed homes fetch different renovation costs).

2. Make a list of your wants and needs

Renovations don’t come cheap and every little decision can add up. One way to stay on track is to make a list of what kind of renovation work falls under a ‘need’ and what falls under a ‘want’. A ‘need’ are those essentials that are necessary for you to be comfortable in your home – particularly a resale home – such as changing the bathroom flooring and wiring. A ‘want’ are those indulgent renovation jobs that look pretty but you can easily live without such as installing marble kitchen tops and eclectic tilework.


3. Do a background check

When it comes to checking the reputation of a renovation company you’re keen on, Google is your best friend. A good question to ask when you’re looking them up is, “Can they do quality work?” Pictures may say a thousand words but post-renovation photos aren’t the only way of finding out if they’ve got what it takes to create the home of your dreams. HDB homeowners have it a lot easier in this department as you can only hire an HDB-approved contractor under the Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme (RRCS). Alternatively, you can safeguard yourself with CaseTrust-accredited IDs. Social media is also a good place to start. It can be immediately apparent if that company is bad news just from checking the rating on their official Facebook page and/or the comment section.

4. Meet them in person

First impressions, particularly those that occur face to face, can be a powerful thing. Typically, once you’ve expressed your interest in checking out their services, you’ll be invited down to the office to have a chat with the Interior Designer (ID) or contractor. The meeting is also important to bounce ideas off them and ask any burning questions you may have about the renovation. This will inform you on whether they are able to execute the concept you want such as the ever-popular Scandinavian style, for one.


5. Get a second – or third – opinion

Home renovation is an expensive commitment and as such, you’ll want to entrust the beautification of your home in very capable hands and at a very reasonable price. Instead of placing all your bets on just one company, we suggest looking for at least 3 companies to get a quotation from. From there, you can compare and contrast according to your initial budget effectively and make an informed decision on the best renovation company to take on.

Ready for the big renovation? With this list, it’s hard to go wrong. Take your time, trust your gut and most importantly, stick to your budget! Finding a reputable renovation company is crucial to carrying out your vision in its entirety. The last thing you’d want is to be stuck with an exorbitant bill that you aren’t prepared for. All the best!

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