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The Property Podcast You Need to Listen to in Singapore Is Here: Welcome to “Real Estate, Real Advice” by Ohmyhome


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There are so many things, and people, involved in selling, buying, renting, or leasing a property in Singapore. There’s you, of course, and the agents, the lawyers, the mortgage brokers. Sellers deal with buyers, and vice versa. 

The process can get convoluted as well, especially for first-timers. From all the different rules and regulations for the different types of properties here in Singapore (HDB, EC, landed, condo, etc), to the documents needed, and even the payment timelines to remember.

With so many things to remember and stay updated on, there’s bound to be confusion and panic among current and hopeful homeowners. 

Ohmyhome Presents Its First Podcast All About Property

That’s why we created Real Estate, Real Advice, a property podcast that will help you untangle the many rules, regulations, and processes of transacting a home, update you on the recent changes in the market, and give you real advice straight from experts in different fields.

On each episode, Ohmyhome’s host and producer Audrey Siek will be chatting with industry professionals — be it in property, mortgage, legal conveyancing, and even home renovation — to give you practical tips on budgeting for your first home or negotiating with buyers to get the best selling price on your home, based on years of firsthand experience. So you can immediately apply it to your own, unique situation.

Real Estate, Real Advice: Episode 1 – Ohmyhome Property Agent on Rising Rentals and Million-Dollar Homes

The rise in housing rent, for both HDB flats and private properties, across Singapore, has sent tenants into a tailspin. So for the very first episode of Real Estate, Real Advice, host Audrey Siek unpacks this trending topic with Ohmyhome Deputy Sales Director Jason Selvaraj. He shares his #1 tip on how tenants can beat the competition in the rental market, and what landlords can do to get a piece of the red-hot rental income pie. 

Real Estate, Real Advice: Episode 2 – Financial Advisor on How to Afford Your Home With the “3-3-5” Rule

Can you actually afford the roof over your head? Whether you’ve bought it or are renting it, you need to know if you’re paying too much on your mortgage or rent. In this episode of Real Estate Real Advice, Independent Financial Advisor and CPF guru Hariz Maloy shares his top tips and basic financial rules of thumb on how to calculate your saving, spending, and how to avoid being over-leveraged.

Real Estate, Real Advice: Episode 3 – The Best & Worst Months To Do Renovation According to An I.D.

Home renovations can be one big hit or miss, depending on the contractors you hire. And your ideas for your “perfect” home? Well, they may look great from those Instagram or Pinterest accounts, but they may not necessarily fit the actual space of your property. Some interior design themes just don’t translate that well in Singapore homes. That’s where the experts come in. Ohmyhome’s Senior Interior Designer Josef Ponce chats with host Audrey Siek answers everyone’s FAQ and spills the tea on the best and worst months to embark on a home renovation journey. (He’s been in the game for a long time, he’s seen some things and knows the real deal.)

Real Estate, Real Advice: Episode 4 – Can Audrey Retire At Age 40?! We Talk To Lead Client Advisor From MoneyOwl

Honest and conflict-free financial planning is hard to come by. So when he heard about MoneyOwl’s approach to retirement planning and incentivizing their insurance agents, it resonated with us at Ohmyhome. Following a similar salaried agent model, both companies have found a way to provide a better experience to their clients. Our host Audrey Siek speaks with MoneyOwl’s Lead Client Advisor Colin Lai on that and how you can (realistically) retire comfortably.

You can watch all Real Estate, Real Advice episodes on our YouTube channel: Ohmyhome.

For more personally-tailored property advice, drop us a message on WhatsApp or book a callback with our Relationship Managers here

See you next month for our next episode. Happy listening!

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