Ohmyhome’s Agent Services Have Empowered Heartlanders To Collectively Save More Than S$400,000 Over Eight Months



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SINGAPORE, 4 May 2017 | Local real estate platform Ohmyhome has continued to empower the local community to take control of their housing decisions. Ohmyhome’s listings currently have an average of only 33 days on market, which is three times faster than market average. Besides the free platform where users can buy, sell or rent HDBs on their own, Ohmyhome also offers full agent and documentation services at a fixed rate for those who prefer engaging a professional property agent. Since its official launch in September 2016, more than 100 transactions have been completed with the help of Ohmyhome’s agent services. Through these transactions, Ohmyhome helped heartlanders save more than S$400,000 in total, which is equal to the approximate price of one HDB unit.

The full agent services offered by the CEA licensed real estate platform can be engaged at a flat-fee by users who are buying and selling (S$2,888); as well as rentals (S$998). With this service, one of Ohmyhome’s experienced agents will assist the individual through the entire process. If only documentation assistance is required, Ohmyhome offers separate documentation services at a flat-fee as well: sellers and buyers (S$1,688), and landlords and tenants (S$588). With full agent and documentation services, Ohmyhome wants to ensure people can benefit from the platform, also if they prefer the support of a professional.

Ms Rhonda Wong, CEO of Ohmyhome shared, “We started with the aim of empowering the local community to take control of their housing decisions, in whatever way they prefer. This is the reason that besides the free platform for do-it-yourself transactions, we also offer professional agent services, so that you can really choose the method that suits you. The desire to own and live in a ‘dream house’ is universal, and to be able to help our clients find the right place spurs us to improve and grow our platform, so that we can help even more people with their property transactions.”

Ms Wong continued, “The feedback we received over the past months has been very satisfying, and it is wonderful to see that we are empowering people from various backgrounds and at different stages in life to take control of their housing decisions. It’s heartening to hear from our users that the seemingly complicated process has become so fuss-free for them.”

Ohmyhome recently had three interesting cases. Eventually, with the Ohmyhome agent services, they were able to find the right HDB unit, as they moved into the next stage of their life.

Case 1: “I do, I do”

A young couple was looking for their first flat through Ohmyhome’s full agent services. When they found the perfect place, as a romantic gesture, they decided to offer a bid for the flat on their wedding day. With the auspicious amount of S$888,888, which signifies prosperity and blessings in Chinese culture, the couple said “I do” to each other and to their new home, a three-bedroom HDB unit (110 sqm) in Toa Payoh. The OTP was issued the day after.

Case 2: “Love at first view”

All grandparents would agree that there is no better location than to live than close to your grandchildren. An elderly couple engaged Ohmyhome’s full agent services to both sell their current flat and buy a new one, as they wanted to live nearer to their family. The Ohmyhome agent helped the couple to sell their flat within two weeks. Fully understanding the needs and preferences of the couple, the agent was swift in finding various properties for viewing. While viewing the first flat, a 4NG HDB (95sqm) in Serangoon, the couple fell in love at first view and immediately made an offer of S$460,000, without viewing the other properties. The OTP was exercised on the same day.

Case 3: “Family matters”

In this unique case, a family engaged Ohmyhome’s documentation service for two transactions. The father sold his HDB flat directly to his son, and bought his next property from his daughter. The entire documentation procedure was made simple and taken care of by Ohmyhome, while the respective users could enjoy family time together.

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