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5 HDB Neighbourhoods to Look Forward To


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Singapore is in an ever-progressing city state, economically, socially, and culturally. New neighbourhoods have sprung up and plans for future developments have continually increased the number of HDBs in Singapore.

These new HDB neighbourhoods are in different areas and each one has its own draw to it, such as new neighbourhood centres and new housing developments. Most of these new plans focus on improving the social aspects of the local community through developing the infrastructure of their common areas.


HBD Singapore Ohmyhome New Neighbourhood Punggol

Punggol has been a subject of development plans by HDB, focusing on creating a community built around the idea of sustainable living. Being a relatively new neighbourhood found at the end of the North-East Line, it is easier to apply a plan like this for it is like painting on a blank slate.

HDB has begun their efforts with the manmade waterway, which promotes more aquatic activities and different trails that can bring people around the area. Moreover, HDB also developed the Treelodge@Punggol -a group of residential blocks that incorporate new technology that can reduce waste through recycling efforts, energy management, and overall efficient consumption of resources.

Furthermore, plans are also being done in regards to the new neighbourhood centres: Northshore Plaza and Oasis Terraces.

  • Northshore Plaza – will be located on the seafront, connecting the Samudera LRT Station to Punggol Promenade and other residential buildings.
  • Oasis Terraces – will be located right next to the Oasis LRT Station. Its main feature, Punggol Polyclinic, will be one of the largest polyclinics in Singapore.
    Both these centres will be featuring smart technology that will help reduce wastage of energy-not to mention that they will also have key amenities.


HBD Singapore Ohmyhome New Neighbourhood Tengah

Tengah is a new development plan that can potentially create 42,000 new homes, with an estimated size that is highly comparable to Bishan.

This neighbourhood has been dubbed as a forest-town, because of HDB’s plan to incorporate its design with its surrounding environment. The town will be divided into five housing districts namely, Brickland, Park, Forest Hill, Plantation, and Garden. Each said to embody the identity of the districts.

Basically, the focus of this new neighbourhood is on retaining as much vegetation as possible and on creating a corridor that directly connects the town to its surrounding environment. The goal for the design is to smoothly integrate the surrounding ecosystem to the housing developments.

Another key feature for this new place is for it to be a car-free town in order to reduce pollution by controlling the areas that can be accessed. This is the reason why its entire design has been created to encourage people to avoid using their cars in order to get around.


HDB is not only planning on creating new neighbourhoods and residential buildings from the ground up, they also have schemes to improve the lifestyle of Singaporean residents in already established neighbourhoods such as Sembawang.

Canberra Plaza is a new neighbourhood centre that will be located near Canberra MRT Station. This will be a central hub that is accessed with ease by surrounding residential buildings. It will have communal amenities as well as commercial stores to add to its functionality.

Plus, there are also plans for the new MRT stations such as, Canberra MRT and the Thomson-East Coast Line that will link the north with the east. Moreover, there are plans for a new Sembawang Sports and Community Hub in order to provide residents new facilities to perform various sports and recreational activities.


HBD Singapore Ohmyhome New Neighbourhood Bidadari

Bidadari has been considered as a mature estate. However, this doesn’t mean that this neighbourhood is not hip and fresh. It’s actually the other way around, especially with the government’s plans to use its 2.5 hectare site into a mixed-use land area. Based on HDB’s recent launch, Bidadari will supposedly have 1,018 BTO units which will have facilities that will be open to public.

Furthermore, (future) residents of this neighbourhood can expect more commercial developments which consists of restaurants and retail stores, to happen in the area that can help the prospects of their property investments.

The neighbourhood’s location is also convenient because the land plot is near Woodleigh MRT Station and is bordering the CBD (Central Business District).

This estate will have a manmade lake, landscaped spaces, parks, and greeneries where future residents can relax, stroll, jog, and spend their time.


Siglap is another up-and-coming neighbourhood in the country. The residential area in this place is comprised of 4 low-rise HDB buildings located at the intersection of East Coast Road and Siglap Road. This entire area has avoided a pretentious vibe other neighbourhoods in Singapore are sporting-it managed to maintain a prestigious atmosphere instead.

Its current population is made out of upper-middle class families, who enjoy a 20-minute drive away from the CBD, making its location pretty convenient. Furthermore, it is nearby 2 established schools, namely: Victoria School and Tao Nan School. This will be really ideal for both parents and children.

At the moment, there are four HDB blocks in the neighbourhood. These blocks have housed affected residents of Siglap’s big fire in 1962. They are scheduled for demolition but tenants (as well as would-be tenants) do not need to worry for they will be relocated to the ones on Chai Chee Road instead.

Singapore is already considered as one of the top countries to live in with its offering of convenience, safety, and clean surroundings. But this just shows that the HDB is not going to settle for this. They continue to find innovative ways to improve the efficiency of their resources, to reduce their collective waste, as well as to provide citizens with the best lifestyle they could possibly have.

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