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Most Interesting Person Now:
Rosemarie Yang


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Rosemarie Yang
Creative Director, Challe Creatives LLP
Instagram: @rosemarieyang

Digital artist Rosemarie Yang’s personal Instagram account is one soothing place to spend some time in. Her array of beautiful photos and self-portraits feature a very defined, calming aesthetic with a dream-like quality.

“Whimsical” was how Brie Larson described Rosemarie’s work. Rosemarie photographed the Hollywood actress in 2019. 

Whimsy aside, Rosemarie said her work explores the concept of freedom as well. And she does this so creatively by using great compositional techniques and mastery in the use of light to take photos that somehow elicit feelings of lightness and happiness.

We caught up with Rosemarie recently to ask about her visual art. 

Rosemarie Yang photographed Hollywood actress Brie Larson in Singapore in 2019. Larson had wanted to give relatively unknown female photographers an opportunity to use her platform and build their portfolio.

How did you get into photography?

As a high school student, I was obsessed with documenting almost everything I saw with my phone’s  camera. I gradually experimented using an old Nikon DSLR that belonged to my dad and tried different types of photography: still life, landscape, architecture, street and portraiture. 

What’s the thinking/concept behind these self portraits?

I like to visually distort the things I see and transform daily mundane objects into something whimsical. The photography industry is still a field that is generally dominated by men. My works show that women can also be strong yet feminine at the same time. 

How often do you take these self-portraits?

This depends on my work schedule. It can be up to 3 to 4 times a week. 

Any plans to experiment with other subjects?

As a full-time photographer running Challe Creatives, I specialise in still life, lifestyle, beauty and fashion photography. So yes, I do photograph other subjects such as products and interiors/architecture.

My Instagram is more of a personal creative outlet for me to experiment with the different aspects of photography, which is also something different from what I do at Challe Creatives. 

Which photographers inspire you and how have they influenced your work, your thinking?

These have got to be Peter Lindbergh, Annie Leibovitz and Steve McCurry. But as much as I love and admire their work, I wouldn’t want to imitate their style. They are more an inspiration for my artistic thought process. These great masters have influenced and changed my perspective when viewing the world through the lens.

Rosemarie Yang said her work explores the concept of freedom.

Why do you think your photos resonate with your over 170,000 followers?

It might be the way I convey and translate my thoughts into my works. 

Your photos are very distinct in their colour treatment too. How do you do this?

When it comes to color-grading, I usually eyeball the settings during the retouching stage. I also have Lightroom presets available for my audience who are interested in creating photos of similar style.

For people who are going for a curated look for their Instagram feeds, there are feed planning mobile apps that can provide some visual aid in curating their photos too. I do not use them myself, as I prefer not to restrict myself artistically.

What gear/software/tech do you use to take your photos?

Mainly the Sony Alpha series and Canon 5D series. I also have professional studio lighting equipment in my home studio for work purposes. 

What motivates you to continue doing your brand of photography?

My passion for photography. In this field of work, passion is the main source of fuel and motivation.

What’s your home studio like?

It is an extra room in the HDB flat where I live with my parents and looks quite similar to a standard photo studio.

How did you “dress up” your home to accommodate a studio?

Living under one roof with my family (a sister and my parents), we’ve managed by being accommodating to each other. We moved things around, cleared away any furniture and things that we didn’t need anymore to make space for my studio equipment. Thankfully, my mum has good taste in interior decoration so she is always helping me to maintain the aesthetics of our home.

What is home to you?

A home needs to be felt from the heart. It doesn’t need to be lavish or extravagant. The feeling of home is one where I feel safe and comfortable living in. 

This article launches Ohmyhome’s The Most Interesting Person Now series, which features personalities who captivate and engage others with their incredible stories, passions or work. Watch this space for more.

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