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Like Having An Agent In Your Pocket – Using Homer AI Your Digital Property Friend

Maelyn Lagman

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A property agent is your best friend when it comes to selling your home — they have the experience and expertise it takes to get you the right price and actually bring your home sale to completion within your timeline. 

But wouldn’t it make your life easier if you could just… pocket your property agent and get the information you need about your property, anytime and anywhere you need it? Like Ratatouille, hidden in your toque blanche (you know, those white hats chefs wear).

Anyway, we went ahead and actually developed something like that to help you make a more informed decision when selling your home.

Say hi to Homer AI

Homer AI is your next-generation Home Ownership & e-Valuation Report AI tool built by Ohmyhome that can be the digital agent in your pocket! With Homer, you can…

#1: Get crucial home insights in real-time

There’s so much information you can get about your home, but we’ve distilled them into these main three things that can actually impact your home sale:

  • Home valuation
  • Past transactions in your block and area
  • Estimated cash proceeds

You won’t have to wait for a property agent to reply to your text or search on Google for these details. All you have to do is connect your home with Homer AI via Singpass and with a touch of a button, you can access a dashboard that will present this data to you.

#2: Discover the accurate value of your home

Knowing your home valuation can help you set a more realistic (and perhaps higher) selling price for your home, as we’ve explained here and here.

A home valuation is an assessment of the worth of your home, typically based on the past transactions of similar-sized units in the same block or within the surrounding area. Homer AI only factors the most recent available and reliable data to ensure accuracy in your home valuation.

#3: Calculate your estimated cash proceeds

We’ve previously written extensive guides about how you can calculate your cash proceeds after selling your home here and here to arm you with important information related to your home sale. But I’m not a numbers girl, and I bet most of you who are looking to sell your home don’t often have the time to crunch the numbers yourself. With Homer AI, you won’t have to. 

Homer AI can calculate your estimated cash proceeds for you. Simply input your outstanding loan, CPF monies used (you and your partner’s individual CPF withdrawal amount and accrued interest), and we’ll factor in the miscellaneous fees usually included in selling your home, such as the HDB admin fee, legal fee, and Ohmyhome’s 1% agent fee — the lowest in the market!

You can also check how much you can afford for your next home purchase, all the way from how much cash you need to have on hand and the loan amount you should go for.

#4: Check the recent transactions in your block and area in the past 6 months

Homer AI will also list all the property transactions that have been recorded in HDB, both in your block and in your neighbourhood. This will keep you abreast of the current price trends, which may rise and fall due to market forces, and signal to you if there’s an opportunity to sell at a higher price. 

#5: Get all your property questions answered instantly with HomerGPT

A step above creating a tool that does all that is a digital property expert who knows everything about property just like your typical agent, but without all the sales talk. If you’re tired of being upsold services you’re not interested in but still want to know more about your home, you can do so with HomerGPT, the latest feature from Homer AI. 

Homer AI is dedicated to providing you with answers to all your property questions, without having to crawl through Google or wondering if your property agent is advising you properly. Not only will you get information that’s generally available, iy will automatically give you answers suited to the information you’ve saved previously.

This powerful tool doesn’t just help you understand the value of your home, but it also knows what’s happening in the market:

  • What’s the valuation of my property? 
  • Is this a good time to sell?
  • Show me the new launches in District 15.
  • Can I afford a 3-bedroom unit in this condo?
  • What’s the latest property news?

But enough talking about Homer. Experience the seamless journey for yourself.

Get to know everything about your home with Homer AI

Ohmyhome Co-founder Race Wong sitting on the couch on her phone

Connect your home with Homer AI here and drop us a message on WhatsApp if you have any questions or want to speak with a property agent instead.

Take the power of technology into your own hands and make smarter home-selling decisions for you and your family. 

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