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Research Like A Qualified Agent – How To Use Homer AI To Be An Expert On Your Own Home

Maelyn Lagman

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In this day and age, no information is out of reach. Every little fact you need to know about anything is one Google search or ChatGPT prompt away from your phone or computer. Looking for a fried rice recipe for tonight’s dinner? Click. You immediately have 100 options at your fingertips. Don’t know how to get to your destination via MRT? Click. Your journey charted on a map is created for you.

But when it comes to doing research regarding the sale of your home, getting inaccurate data is too costly. Imagine receiving a lower valuation from an obscure website and setting your selling price lower than the market average. You’ll be selling yourself short and it may even take you longer than usual to sell your home as buyers may think something has to be wrong with your home listing.

That’s why, even when choosing property agents, we’ve written extensive guides about not falling for agent impersonators or scammers who are out to get money from first-time property buyers and sellers. You can read those guides here and here.

Now we’re all about engaging property agents to help you sell your home. That is literally why Ohmyhome is here — we offer property agent services to help you not just sell property, but also buy, rent, and lease your home.

However, it is also our mission to empower you to make a smarter home-selling decision, and that starts with doing your own property research.

Lucky for you, we don’t just have in-house property agents, we also build proprietary technology to make your property transaction easier, simpler, and faster.

Say Hi to Homer AI, your new digital property expert

Homer AI is your next-generation Home Ownership & e-Valuation Report AI tool built by Ohmyhome, trained to provide you with only the most crucial insights on your home, including your home valuation, potential cash proceeds, and past transactions in your block and in your area.

With Homer AI, you can:

  • Find out your home valuation
  • Check the past transactions in your area
  • Track historical price trends
  • Calculate your budget for your next home purchase, including how much you need for your monthly mortgage repayments
  • Get a free gift while planning your property journey
  • Test a first-of-its-kind GPT made specifically for property

We put the power in your hands to sell your home at market-accurate prices — and potentially sell it for more — by showing you the estimated value of your home, the transaction prices of units near you, and how much you can earn from selling your home. And it’s leaps better than any other home valuation tool or market report you can get elsewhere on the Internet.

The best part is: it’s free! And it’s very easy to use. You can connect your home with Homer AI via your Singpass and all the details you need for your home research will be provided to you in less than 60 seconds — I know this, because I’ve used it myself.

To find out exactly the type of past transaction data you’ll find with Homer AI, read this.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a message on WhatsApp or chat with us via our Live Chat at the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen.

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Join our Telegram channel and follow our Facebook page for the latest property updates.

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