Why Buy an HDB Flat in Woodlands?

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Why Buy an HDB Flat in Woodlands?


Comprising Woodlands, Admiralty and Marsiling estates, the town was named Woodlands as it gave the appearance of a heavily-wooded area when viewed from the Johor side of the Straits. Woodlands has grown to become a town with large open spaces, grasslands, parks, recreational facilities and communal gardens.

What Makes Woodlands Interesting?

Woodlands is a town buzzing with activity, with the Woodlands Civic Centre as a one-stop service centre to serve the administrative needs of residents living in the north. The place also houses the Woodlands Regional Library, one of the largest neighbourhood libraries in Singapore.

Other developments include Causeway Point Shopping Centre, Republic Polytechnic, Innova Junior College, and the Singapore Sports School.

How Many HDB Flats in Woodlands?

Woodlands is home to an estimated HDB resident population of 241,900 and there are 64,602 HDB flats in the town (as of 31 March 2017).

Why Should You Live in Woodlands?

Leisure and Recreation

Recreational facilities can be easily located around the estates and especially in parks. The multi-purpose Woodlands Stadium and Woodlands Swimming Complex are common places for sport-goers.

Causeway Point, one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore, houses 250 shops and restaurants, providing residents in the North a one-stop destination for their food and retail needs. Woodlands Civic Centre is a designated centre of education, public services, and other forms of assistance for residents. The centre houses the four storey Woodlands Regional Library, several banks, Central Provident Fund (CPF) Woodlands Branch and educational institutions.


Primary schools

  • Admiralty Primary School
  • Evergreen Primary School
  • Fuchun Primary School
  • Greenwood Primary School
  • Innova Primary School
  • Marsiling Primary School
  • Qihua Primary School
  • Riverside Primary School
  • Si Ling Primary School
  • Woodgrove Primary School
  • Woodlands Primary School
  • Woodlands Ring Primary School

Secondary Schools and Junior College

  • Admiralty Secondary School
  • Christ Church Secondary School
  • Evergreen Secondary School
  • Fuchun Secondary School
  • Marsiling Secondary School
  • Riverside Secondary School
  • Spectra Secondary School
  • Woodgrove Secondary School
  • Woodlands Secondary School
  • Woodlands Ring Secondary School
  • Innova Junior College (to merge in 2019)

Other Schools

  • Singapore American School
  • Singapore Sports School
  • MINDS – Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore

Tertiary institutes

  • Republic Polytechnic

Accessibility and Transportation

Being located immediately across from Johor Bahru across the Straits of Johor, Woodlands is highly accessible, connected by major roads and expressways, with a relatively large bus interchange, the Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange, and an elevated train station next to Causeway Point at Woodlands Square.

Residents of Woodlands are currently serviced by three Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations:
Woodlands MRT Station in the centre
Marsiling MRT Station to the west
Admiralty MRT Station to the east

Land transportation in Woodlands is relatively efficient, in comparison to other estates, contrasting by the amount of well-maintained roads, though a common sight in Singapore. Twelve avenues support and help circulate all of the traffic of the town, especially the notable ones, such as Avenue 2, Avenue 3 and Avenue 7, which come from the expressways.

Woodlands Property Listings Singapore View from Woodlands Waterfront

Any Future Plans for Woodlands?

Woodlands is also one of the towns selected for the third batch of the Remaking Our Heartland programme, with plans to create more recreational spaces along Woodlands Waterfront. As Woodlands develops into a regional centre, its transport infrastructure will also improve to make travelling around Woodlands smoother and faster.

Access to Woodlands will be made easier with the introduction of the 43-km long Thomson-East Coast MRT Line from 2019 onwards, which will create 2 additional stations in Woodlands, namely Woodlands North and Woodlands South. Both of these stations are adjacent to the existing Woodlands station on the North South Line. All three stations will be completed by 2019 and open as the first phase of the new line. This will facilitate more convenient transportation within Woodlands itself.

A future rapid transit link, the Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System, will have its Singapore terminus at Woodlands North, improving access between Johor Bahru and Singapore.

In addition, the developing Rapid Transit System (RTS) connection between Singapore and Johor Bahru will be linked to the Woodlands North MRT station on the Thomson Line. When the RTS is completed, Woodlands will
see an increase of commercial vibrancy, as 30 hectare area around the station and Causeway Point will be developed into a new retail hub.

Residents can also look forward to the completion of Kampung Admiralty, a housing development which includes integrated healthcare, eldercare, childcare and commercial facilities. New intra-town cycling networks are also in the works. New park connectors and cycling paths are being planned to create a continuous recreational loop
around the island.

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