Home, Where Love Lives – A Celebration Of Love & Family

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Home, Where Love Lives – A Celebration Of Love & Family


This Valentine’s Day Ohmyhome celebrates what matters most in the hearts of all the living rooms in all the homes we serve: the family.

“Home, Where Love Lives” peeks into the mornings of different families that exist in Singapore. The married couple with children, single parents, friends who choose to live together, LGBT and same-sex couples, and the empty nesters settling into a new phase of their lives after the kids have moved out.

While not all households are equally represented in the media, recognising that every family’s makeup is unique and deserves equal respect and attention, especially when dealing with the most basic human need, shelter, is of utmost importance.

For far too long, families that aren’t seen as the typical family nucleus faced discrimination when it comes to housing and shelter.

Today, some of these groups still aren’t allowed to apply for public housing which serves 80% of all Singaporeans, and they are forced to either rent or attempt to purchase private property which can be out of reach.

While the government has made some strides recently with the repeal of Section 377A of the Singapore Penal code being an example, more will still need to be done to provide equality for all marginalized groups.

In addition, Rental Discrimination due to race, religion, and ethnicity is unfortunately still common and no Anti-Discriminatory law currently exists to prevent this.

Ohmyhome stands by those discriminated against and marginalized. We aim to provide equal access to safe, trustworthy, and affordable real estate services, allowing families from all walks of life a chance at succeeding and building a strong foundation for their future.

And even if your family isn’t considered “typical”, know that we’ll serve you equally. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated at Ohmyhome.

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