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Day in the Life of a Mortgage Specialist


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Always wanted to know how a mortgage specialist‘s day at a fast-growing proptech startup looks like? Meet Mitchell Ling, our in-house mortgage whiz who you’ll always find diligently crunching numbers at his desk – but there’s so much more to what he does than being a loyal user of our in-app Loan Calculator!

Being a mortgage specialist in a proptech company requires him to liaise across different teams from operations, tech to our legal partners, all to provide a seamless, end-to-end service for our clients. Without Mitchell, our mortgage department ceases to function.

Overwhelmed yet? Here’s a snapshot of his busy day.

9:00 am: Work starts


Rise and shine! However, there’s no easing into the work grind for Mitchell. The second he steps into the office, he is already replying to home buyers who plan to buy their dream home or refinance their existing home loan while masterfully tending to mortgage eligibility enquiries. Interestingly, Mitchell observed that clients who call in during this time of day (or during office hours in general) typically need help with refinancing, which means they have an existing loan but are looking for a better deal after their current lock-in period has expired. These are the cases he tends to for breakfast.

10:00 am: Meeting with the Operations Team

Mitchell regularly meets with the operations team where they discuss how to best resolve our clients’ cases. Mortgage advisory is included in all our agent services, and as such, every case is assigned for him to ensure a seamless mortgage process.


Mitchell is also constantly liaising with our legal partners about conveyancing and CPF redemption matters. With him at the helm, he ensures every case is calculated with precise accuracy. It’s safe to say that Mitchell is always there to the rescue!

11:00 am: Search for the best rates

To stay updated, Mitchell frequently checks in with bankers from across 16 banks in Singapore to get the best rates. This comes naturally to Mitchell, who has been working in the banking industry since 2004. With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Mitchell taps into his vast network of contacts to secure the best possible rate for our clients.

12:00 pm: Lunchtime

When the clock strikes 12 noon, Mitchell steps out for lunch with his team for a welcome breather.

1:00 pm: More calls

Mitchell will check with the Customer Service Manager to schedule follow-ups from new customer enquiries that have come through our various online and offline channels. He also uses this time to prioritise more urgent cases that need his attention or require a longer time to close.

3:00 pm: Client consultation

Mitchell doesn’t only answer phone calls, he can get personal too! If he thinks that a particular case requires a one-to-one session with the client due to its complexity, he will invite them down for a meeting at our headquarters. A face-to-face consultation allows him to fully explore possible options for the client based on their specific financial circumstance, mapping out an in-depth customised plan to get them the best possible mortgage package.

4:00 pm: Meeting with the Tech Team

Together with our whip-smart tech team, Mitchell brainstorms and discusses formulas and ideas to create helpful digital financial tools such as our affordability calculator. Being a mortgage specialist in a proptech is synonymous with being the mortgage mastermind of the company, integral in providing his expert insights for any home loan or financial planning tools designed to help our DIY users in their housing journey.

5:30 pm: Market research


Things don’t slow down for Mitchell, even in the final hours he is always on the lookout for the best mortgage rates to offer our clients when it comes to the latest and most sought after project sales. Once he finds the best rate, he checks in with the marketing team, who will then ideate ads and deploy those assets to our various channels for optimum campaigns.

6:00 pm and beyond: Customer interactions

The end of the day doesn’t mean that Mitchell can rest on his laurels. As clients usually make their purchases after office hours or during weekends, client enquires about buying new properties usually flood in at the end of the workday, at any time, or as he puts it – “24/7!”

What keeps him going from a long day filled with endless follow-ups and customer enquiries, you may ask? Behind his relentless, get-the-job-done work ethic, Mitchell is a family man who adores his two daughters (he affectionately calls them his “little princesses”) more than anything in the world and is determined to make them proud. Being a mortgage specialist certainly requires one to be a genuine people-person who is able to keep cool under pressure – with a knack for extreme multitasking to top it all off.

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