Buying a BTO 101: Stylish New Design Upgrades for BTOs Launched from February 2019

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Buying a BTO 101: Stylish New Design Upgrades for BTOs Launched from February 2019


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Upgrading programmes for HDB flats are nothing new, but when it comes to design upgrades for the latest crop of BTOs, consider our interest piqued! For the uninitiated, if you’ve managed to buy a BTO flat from February 2019 onwards, you can look forward to flats that come with stylish new furnishings to reflect the current lifestyle and design trends. Reap the benefits of sleeker furnishings without forking out an arm and a leg on a home renovation? Sign us up!

But hey, what exactly are the modern new features?

1. Laminated timber doors and steel gates

For starters, say goodbye to timber veneer doors and wrought-iron gates. In its place will be a minimalist steel gate and scratch-resistant laminated timber door that’s equal parts functional and modern. You’ll also won’t have to experience the hassle of scrambling for your keys to unlock your gate from the inside again – instead, thumb-turn knobs will be installed for day-to-day ease.

2. Top-hung kitchen windows

The dreaded task of cleaning each window louver at the kitchen/ service balcony will now be a long lost art. The latest wave of design upgrades will forego it for its more practical cousin – sleek top-hung windows that are nicer to look at and easier to clean. Expect to see this upgrade on toilet windows too.

3. Concealed floor traps

We all know the struggle of maintaining the PVC trap that tends to clog up and needs constant cleaning, especially if we’re expecting guests. Now they’ll be replaced by the more forgiving concealed floor traps which are a lot easier on the eyes.

4. Glazed porcelain floor tiles

What used to be banal ceramic tiles will now be replaced with glazed porcelain floor tiles which are bigger in size and more wear-resistant, fitting for toilets and kitchens. New BTO homeowners will also have the luxury of options from a range of tile designs.

5. Water-saving bathrooms

Cookie cutter bathrooms won’t be a BTO trademark anymore. Instead, homeowners can choose from a variety of up-to-date designs. On top of that, bathrooms will also come equipped with water-saving fixtures.

Cool upgrades! What’s the catch?

As reported by Channel News Asia, HDB’s deputy director of project development and management Jansen Foo said at a media briefing that there will be a “marginal cost increase” but ultimately, “the pricing of new flats will not be affected by these changes” as “all cost involved will be absorbed by the HDB”.

It’s safe to say that these stylish new BTO design upgrades are not only pretty to look at but functional to boot. If this has sparked an interest for home renovation, you may wish to check out our newly launched Home Renovation Services to enjoy excellent service with more savings. If BTOs are not your cup of tea, we have thousands of unique resale listings across every neighbourhood in Singapore.

Sources: ChannelNewsAsia, BusinessInsider, HDB

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