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7 Proven Ways to Choose the Right Furniture for a Spacious Home


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Can’t decide between getting a queen-sized bed vs king-sized bed? How about rugs and patterns to complement your interior design? We’ve curated proven ways for a spacious home.

7 Ways to Choose the Right Pieces of Furniture:


1. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Hang a large mirror on your wall to create the illusion of space. Mirror on the wall draws the eye up and bounces light around the room. Hang a mirror across from windows or door frames so you can catch a glimpse of the outdoors or other rooms through its reflection.

In choosing the right furniture for your home, size matters! Small items tend to feel like clutter and make a room look smaller. The length of the mirror should match the size of the sofa to create beautiful symmetry.

Want to go all out? Wall-to-wall frameless mirrors give a small apartment a grander feel and make your home look far more expansive.


2. Let It Float and Transparent

Want to buy yourself a few extra feet of floor space within minutes? Mount your TV on the wall! The floating furniture effect makes your home look clutter-free. It also makes your space seem wider plus cleaning underneath is such a breeze.

Use clear accent pieces like lucite chairs or a glass-topped dining table to create the impression that a room is larger than its actual square footage.

Want a coffee table as the centrepiece in your living room? No problem, use one with a glass top for an open and free space effect. You can even achieve the same optical illusion of a bigger space by letting your sofa float!


3. Stripes is an Exemption

Patterns can make a room look smaller, but there’s one exception to the rule: stripes. In fact, stripes make spaces look larger, so if you’re decorating a small room, opt for striped curtains or a striped rug to maximize its visual space.


4. Rule of 3-Colours

Coordinating your home decorations, furniture colours and wall paint tricks the eyes with more space. It makes your space look cohesive with less contrast.

Though choosing only two colours, tones or shades in a room can make it feel flat and not fully dimensional. A third takes the space to a different place that feels fuller and more complete. How to do this? Pick a white, neutral and saturated colour. White for immovable items like cabinets. Neutral or a subtle hue for walls that connect rooms or open living spaces. Lastly, pick a saturated colour, which will be your main colour.


5. L-Shaped Sofa

One rule of thumb is to avoid placing two sofas facing each other as it gives off a claustrophobic effect.

When choosing the shape of your sofa, L spells lovely! An L-shaped sofa also adds extra seating and saves space supposedly for dividers. This already separates the living and dining spaces.

Other benefits of an L-shaped sofa include a classy, elegant, and metropolitan look. It has extra features to provide stylish design and it’s customisable to fit your needs.


6. The More Seating Options, the Merrier

Creating multiple seating options is key to having a space in which everyone feels comfortable in your home. Minimal furniture looks incomplete, but this doesn’t mean you should fill your space to the point where it becomes a hurdle when going to the next room.

Choose seating options that aren’t quite so “matchy-matchy” to your L-shaped sofa- you can mix-and-match using different themes or interior design styles.


7. Perfectly Sized Movable Furniture

You need to measure your space and don’t just rely on estimates. Your sofa or bed must not be undersized nor oversized, but must perfectly fit a room. A small bed, for example, makes your bedroom look smaller while a king-sized bed makes it appear like you have the luxury of space.

Can you visualise it? Now you know why IKEA has measuring tapes scattered in the showroom.

If you’re buying your love nest or planning for a home makeover in time for the new year, you need to find out the clever ways to make your home look spacious. Learn about the rule of threes and the triangle rule so you’ll have an idea on the type of furniture that you need.

A beautiful home is more than just symmetry. If you need professional handyman works to float your appliances or home makeover specialist, you can call us at 6886 9009.

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