5 Simple Ways To Spot An Undervalued Property in Singapore 2023

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5 Simple Ways To Spot An Undervalued Property in Singapore 2023


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2022 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

When it comes to property investment, identifying undervalued properties can be the key to making a profitable investment. However, with Singapore’s ever-fluctuating real estate market, it can be challenging to know where to start. In this article, we will explore the top tips for spotting undervalued properties in Singapore and maximising your returns. 

From analysing market trends to assessing location and property condition, we’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed and lucrative investment. So, whether you’re a seasoned property investor or a first-time buyer, read on to discover the secrets of spotting undervalued properties in Singapore.

1. Market value and location

Conduct research to find out the current market value of the property you are interested in. You can check property websites or engage a licensed property agent to provide a comparative market analysis. If the asking price is significantly lower than the market value, it may be an indication that the property is undervalued. Here’s how you can do property research like the pros.

Areas with good transportation infrastructure and access to major highways and expressways tend to appreciate faster.

2. “Up and coming” locations

The location of a property is one of the most crucial factors to consider when looking for undervalued properties in Singapore. Before investing, research the neighbourhood’s potential and its development plan. Choose a property that is located near amenities such as schools, hospitals, public transportation, and shopping centres. Areas with good transportation infrastructure and access to major highways and expressways tend to appreciate faster, making them more valuable.

Properties located in upcoming or less popular areas may have lower prices compared to properties in more established areas. However, these areas have stronger growth potential, which could make for much better investments. 

Properties that have unique features, such as a scenic view, a strategic location, or a historic significance, are often undervalued because these traits may not be fully appreciated or marketed. Such properties are great investment opportunities because they have potential for long-term appreciation. However, it’s crucial to ensure the unique features are desirable and appealing to potential buyers in the future. As the cliche goes: One man’s meat may be another man’s poison.

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3. Look out for distress sales

Distressed properties are properties that have been foreclosed, repossessed or sold under duress. Such properties are often undervalued because the owners need to sell them quickly. If you are looking for a bargain, distressed properties can be a great opportunity to buy below market value. However, you need to be aware of any hidden issues with the property and potential repair/ renovation costs. That being said, it is essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence before purchasing a distressed property.

Distressed properties may also come with motivated sellers who are willing to sell their properties at a lower price than their market value. Look for properties that have been on the market for an extended period or that have undergone several price reductions. These may be signs that the seller is motivated to sell quickly.

Distressed properties are either undergoing foreclosure or repossession, and is being sold urgently, under duress.

4. Study rental yields and market trends

If you are looking to invest in a property for rental income, analysing the rental yield is essential. The rental yield is the annual rental income divided by the property’s value. High rental yields mean the property generates more rental income relative to its value, making it a more attractive investment. Look for areas where rental demand is high and vacancy rates are low.

To spot undervalued properties in Singapore, you also need to stay up-to-date with the latest market trends. The real estate market in Singapore is cyclical, with periods of highs and lows. When the market is down, it’s an excellent opportunity to invest in undervalued properties, as prices are lower. However, you should also be mindful of the possibility that the market may continue to decline.

5. Work with a professional realtor

A seasoned realtor can help you spot undervalued properties in Singapore. Real estate agents have access to a wide range of properties and can help you find the right investment opportunity that meets your needs and budget. A good real estate agent can also provide you with valuable insights into the local property market.

Spotting undervalued properties in Singapore requires a combination of research, analysis, and expertise. With these tips, you can increase your chances of finding a great investment opportunity that will yield long-term returns. 

It is important to note that purchasing undervalued properties involves risks and requires careful consideration and due diligence. It is recommended to seek professional advice from a licensed property agent so you can make the best decisions.

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