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2022 Feng Shui Tips to Invite Good Fortune Into Your Home


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As Lunar New Year looms closer and closer — The Year of the Ox will officially end at 4.42 pm on Feb 4 and transition to the Year of the Tiger — we know the pressure’s on to ring in a new season of good health and fortune with your family. 

While others may choose to erect metres-high God of Wealth statues to invite prosperity into their homes, there are simpler ways to welcome blessings into yours. 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of spatial arrangement, and even furniture placement, that balances ‘yin’ and ‘yang’. They are opposing elements that make up ‘qi’, the life force that’s believed to inhabit everything.

When yin and yang are balanced, there’s a good flow of qi, creating positive energy which ensures good health, improves interpersonal relationships and brings luck and prosperity. 

Here’s how you can do just that.  

5 Feng Shui tips to take note of in the Year of the Tiger

#1: Pay special attention to your front door and home entrance

In Feng Shui, the front door of a house is regarded as the mouth of qi — where nourishment enters. So the healthier and more balanced your front entry is, the better. 

Keep it clean, open and bright as much as possible: If you have a shoe rack, consider adding a door to it so as to avoid clutter and dirt. Don’t leave it outside either, as you’d also want to keep that entry of your home clean. 

#2: Incorporate earth tones wherever you can

Source: Nest Casa

Earth tones have been on trend since last year, but this Lunar New Year, they won’t just make your home look chic and luxurious. They’ll also improve your qi.

Warm, earthy hues like the Pantone shades above — sand, beige, taupe, and terracotta — are popular colours that are exceptionally modern with a contemporary, inviting appeal.

You can consider getting beige or sand-coloured furniture and terracotta-coloured decor, such as throw pillows, lamps or an art piece. For more home decor inspirations, or if you’d like to renovate your home, get in touch with our Interior Designers at 9755 9283. You can also get wallet-friendly, professional painting services with Ohmyhome. 

#3: Avoid these 2 areas

In the book of ‘Heluo’ (in Chinese astrology), the flying stars in the nine palaces have different energies and magnetic fields in each area — North, North-East, North-West, South, South-East, South-West, East and West — that can affect a person’s luck. 

This Year of the Tiger, it’s good to stay away from Taisui and Sansha’s evil forces, which are in the North-East and North respectively.  

You should be extra cautious about travelling to the North-East direction during this year’s Taisui since it will be coming from that direction. If you do so, you run the risk of angering the god and suffering a disaster.

  • Sansha (‘三煞’) is in the North

As Sansha, a brutal deity is in the north this year, it would be prudent not to face the god’s position if the door or office was facing the entrance. It would likely upset the deity and trigger catastrophic events.

#4: Get these 3 decorative items

  • The Chinese gourd or ‘Hulu’

For many centuries, the gourd has been considered an icon of good health, long life, prosperity and plenty of blessings because of its Chinese name ‘Hulu’. It is typically used to absorb negative energy, improve the feng shui of your home and ward off evil spirits. To a certain degree, this can defuse many of the adverse effects caused by Sansha.

These gourds are often adorned with images of the Eight Immortals, the eight trigrams, longevity symbols, spiritual tools of the Eight Immortals, and Chinese herbs such as ‘Ling Zhi’. These items represent the gourd’s potency as a health and longevity enhancer.

In order to enhance prosperity, metal or wood gourds are sometimes decorated with motifs of good fortune and luck. In addition, six ancient coins are added because the number 6 symbolises wealth in Chinese mythology.

  • Fortune trees

According to Asian philosophy, lush, branched and flowering plants symbolise growth in both material and spiritual realms. It is believed that luck is attracted to grassy scents, which can change your mood and make you more receptive to new opportunities. For this reason, you should plant a money tree in the corner of your home or office to increase luck.

  • Lucky bamboos

Add lucky bamboo at the front entrance of your home, workspace, or bedroom to increase your abundance and prosperity. Or place it in the wealth corner, which is at the left corner of any space in your home. 

You can also place a water-filled vase with two stalks of lucky bamboo in the relationship corner, also known as ‘Kun’, of your house. Ideally, the two stalks should be similar in size, symbolising a balanced relationship between both of you. Doing this will establish an intention that your two stalks of lucky bamboo will nourish your relationship and help you grow as a couple.

To locate the relationship corner, stand at the front door facing in and look at the far right corner of your home. 

#5: Clean and declutter your home

Keeping your home clean and tidy is important in the Year of the Tiger because mess and clutter may disrupt the magnetic field in your home.

You can start by wiping down surfaces, removing stains on furniture and decluttering every area of your home; clutter is considered negative in Feng Shui because it blocks the flow of energy in a room. So everything needs to be cleaned. 

As the five yellow stars fly through the middle palace and overlap it on their way back, we should keep the Feng Shui of our homes straightforward this year. Trying to promote the position of wealth and joy while avoiding the evil ones to escape their viciousness to benefit from it in the new year.

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Frequently asked questions about Feng Shui

1. What is Feng Shui?

It is an ancient art and science which looks at how the environment affects us, making us feel nourished, comfortable, secure, able to live a happier life and achieve our goals quickly and reduce our stress.

2. How long does it take to see a result begin?

In most cases, it happens gradually as energy changes over several weeks or months, though it can happen much earlier.

3. How long does an improvement last, is it permanent or temporary?

Once a shift occurs, it should be permanent, and you can also build on it.

4. Can I apply Feng Shui to any size space?

There are benefits for environments ranging from studio apartments to large single-family homes to offices and businesses of every size.

5. I cannot sell my house, can Feng Shui help?

It is possible that Feng Shui, with or without subtle energy clearing, could resolve these issues. Alternatively, Ohmyhome also provides our super agents at your service here. Having served over 8000 families, our track record and testimonials are the highest in the industry.

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