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9 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

feng shui wheel chart for home


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Feng Shui is a widely practised form of geomancy that originated from China. Chinese widely believe that Fengshui plays a vital part in affecting one’s life, career, wealth, children, marriage, travel, fortune, friends, illness, property, siblings, and parents.

On the other hand, Qi is one of the central concepts surrounding the practice of Feng Shui. It is mostly used to describe the forces that cannot be seen but can impact us, either physically or mentally.

Here are 9 Feng Shui tips to have more positive Qi in your home:

Use Of Water Elements

In Fengshui, the symbol of wealth and abundance is water. Hence, Chinese houses often have the element of water.

However, do you know that if you misplaced the water ornament, you might attract bad luck to your house instead? For example, placing a water fountain to the right of the front door as you are looking out of your home can cause extramarital affairs for the man of the house.

A good guide is to place the water fountain in the North sector of your house or the living room.

Sharp Edges Facing Your home

When you are buying your first home, do not forget to check the exterior. If the edge of a neighbouring building or the corner of a T-intersection is facing your unit, it can mean the block is directing “Sha Qi” (杀气) to your house. Shar edges is a ubiquitous sight in Singapore HDB flats due to the land constraints.

What is “Sha Qi”? It refers merely to bad karma in English terms and can have detrimental effects on the overall well-being of the household which include loss of wealth, poor health, conflicts and much more.

Positioning of Mirror

Looking at yourself in the mirror before heading out? Do you know that the positioning of your mirror in the bedroom can be a complicated matter?

Generally, the mirrors should not be facing your bed as it can signify infidelity in a relationship. For the full-length mirror, you should place it away from the bed or put it inside of your closet door.

Storage Area such as Under the Bed

A common mistake that we always make is storing items under the bed since there is ample space. However, these items can disrupt the “Qi” (气) circulating in your home. This “Qi” is not referring to bad karma, it represents the flow of energy in your home, and it is essential towards building a good Feng Shui.

If you need to store things under your bed, it is recommended to limit them to soft items like linens and pillows.

Headboard for Your Bed

The headboard is more than just a decorative element in your bedroom. It is widely believed to bring benefits to your relationship.

A sturdy wooden headboard, with no bars or hole in it, can help you and your partner to stay connected and have a secure and robust relationship. Even if you are single, the headboard can help you attract a relationship too.

Lighting and Ventilation of Living Room

Proper ventilation is scientifically proven to lower temperature and can help improve illnesses like headaches, allergies, and even asthma.

Feng Shui wise, it plays a very similar role. A well-lit and ventilated living room ensure a smooth circulation of Qi in the house which can boost your vitality and health.

Positioning of Doors

Doors should not face each other; this is a general configuration found in the bedrooms of our homes, but do you know geomancers do not recommend that?

When doors are facing each other, it means the “Qi” will only flow between the two rooms. There is no “Qi” flowing to other areas of the house.

Rectangular or Square House Layout

Oddly shaped unit sometimes means that air may not be able to circulate into some areas of the house and causes stagnant air. Similarly, the same concept applies to Feng Shui.
Irregularly shaped units can disrupt the circulation of “Qi” in the house which could affect your vitality and health.

Sharp Ornaments and Decorations

You may be an antique collector or just a lover of the Japanese samurai. However, do you know that based on the study of Feng Shui, hanging sharp ornaments on the wall like a sword can have a detrimental effect that possibly leads to quarrel or violence?

Based on these basic tips, we can tell that Feng Shui is a profound knowledge. There is a simple solution! Get the best Feng Shui advice from Ohmyhome Partners now as Pre-purchase Feng Shui Assessment starts at only $168.

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Sources: HLAS, Red Lotus Letter, Daily Burn, Homedit, Biddle

Contributor: Leow Wei Min

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