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Why does everybody call Pasig City the Green City? How did they come up with this common-sounding but distinctive moniker? Pasig is known for many things, including its bustling business district that has its own unique vibe compared to Makati and BGC. The city has historical ties to Rizal province. Even when it officially became part of Metro Manila in 1975, the city oddly continued to serve as Rizal’s provincial capital for more than three decades. 

For many cities in the Philippines, adopting a pro-environment stance is common. However, actually adopting a nickname heralding its commitment to sustainable growth is next-level statesmanship.  

Pasig City the Green City

The journey to Pasig City becoming the Philippines’ prominent Green City started in 2007. That year, the local government launched its ambitious Pasig Green City Program. This initiative aimed to turn Pasig CIty into a sustainable, progressive community that aimed to provide clean air and safe water for its residents. The program will also enact measures to ensure that the city continues to maintain greenery, especially in urban areas. More importantly, the Pasig Green City Program integrates environmental protection into all community development programs. As a result, the Pasig City Council passed a number of ecological ordinances. The local government also mandated all business establishments to secure environmental permits. It also required build and vehicle owners to install antipollution devices prior to being given permits. 

For the purpose of implementation, enforcement, and maintenance, the Pasig city government also deputized volunteers from each of its 30 barangays to act as Green Police officers. Their tasks include apprehending violators and ensuring that their areas remain consistent with the city’s clean and green policies. The program managed to become self-sufficient due to the strict inspection and monitoring policies. The strict enforcement policies also served to deter would-be violators and passive building and vehicle owners from neglecting their environmental obligation. As a result, the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) managed to generate millions of pesos in income from inspection fees, payment of penalties, and voluntary emission tests. 

Pasig City is One of the World’s Most Liveable Cities

Six years after the implementation of its program, Pasig City was recognized by the International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom) as one of the world’s most liveable cities of 2013. This UK-registered award-giving body started in 1997 and has the wholehearted support of the United Nations Environment Programme. 

During the ceremony held at Xiamen, Chine, Pasig City happily took home a Category D Gold Award. Category D refers to cities with a daytime population between 200,001 and one million people. In addition, Pasig also bagged a special Bursary Award for its Environmental Security for Pre-Schools program. This award came with a match funding of  £10,000. 

What Does Pasig City the Green City Mean to Residents and Homeowners?

For Pasig homeowners, the green city stamp is a great way to indicate that their home purchases are made in an environmental-friendly location. Pasig City, along with the rest of Metro Manila, is still at the mercy of the occasional typhoon. In addition, the perennial traffic situation in the entire Metro remains a heavy contributor to air pollution. However, knowing that your city government spends its tax money on sustaining environmental programs and going after violators is very reassuring. 

For practical purposes, Pasig City’s initiatives also mean fewer worries in dealing with everyday things. This includes garbage collection, walking or cycling to work, and running out of water. Whether it’s living in the business district or in the outlying subdivisions, Pasig City remains one of the safest, cleanest, and more environmental-friendly cities in the country. Investors looking for their next property purchase should find plenty of options in Pasig City that match their taste and budget. 

Ortigas Center, in particular, is home to a thriving business community that knows how to work hard and play hard. The district is the headquarters of a number of major Filipino corporations that play a big role in the country’s economic development. At the same time, it’s also host to a number of premium malls and fashion, retail, and dining establishments. For those planning to raise a family in the area, prominent schools and world-class medical centers can be found within and in the proximity of Ortigas Center.   

Ohmyhome is Your Green Light to the Green City 

Looking for a modern, self-contained, and environmental-friendly city? That’s Pasig City the Green City to you. If you’re looking to establish a home in the community, let Ohmyhome Philippines lead the way. The country’s largest pre-selling property portal is home to tens of thousands of property listings from over 180 top developers. You’ll also receive valuable advice and assistance from our team of licensed real estate professionals and excellent customer service staff. Don’t get caught spending a lot of valuable time going from seller to seller in getting the best deals. Instead,  a single interaction with Ohmyhome can instantly get you the right properties and find really great offers.

Learn more by downloading the Ohmyhome iOS or Android app and signing up for a free account. You can also subscribe and follow our Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube social accounts to get the latest news and information. Come visit Ohmyhome now!  

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