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How do you define the ultimate condo unit in Manila? Location will play a factor undoubtedly. Top-notch amenities can put a specific condo unit over its competitors. However, it will take a very imaginative developer to come up with unique amenities not available from other developers. Finally, how big a factor is the price? Will this make or break a purchase decision even if the condominium checks all boxes? 

Welcome to the modern homebuyer’s dilemma. With plenty of choices for a condo unit in Manila, it pays for a house hunter to look closer and look harder. Limiting your choices to name brands or old-time developers can narrow your options.   

Katipunan Avenue: A Real University Town

Living in Quezon City can be a very strategic decision. As the largest city in the capital, Quezon City has everything from large nature parks to IT centers to sprawling malls. Soon, Quezon will cement its reputation as the metro’s ultimate transport hub. Aside from its central Cubao Terminal and the MRT-3 snaking its way along the city’s center (five of MRT-3’s northernmost stations are in QC), QC will soon be home to the Grand Central Terminal. This will be the junction that connects the MRT-3 with LRT-1 (Munoz to Monumento to Baclaran), MRT-7 (QC to Bulacan), and the upcoming metro subway system. 

A few kilometers away from the grand terminal are QC’s hallowed universities, the University of the Philippines, and Ateneo De Manila University. Two of the top universities in the country are within a stone’s throw of each other, competing not just for college students but also in areas like debates, basketball games, and supremacy for Katipunan Avenue. As a result, Katips has grown from a sleepy university town into a more bustling hive of retail, dining, entertainment, and residential activities.  As the ultimate college town, every kind of condo unit in Manila can be found on Katipunan Avenue. 

One Katipunan Place: A Really, Really Smart Home

There are condo units in Manila and there are One Katipunan Residences condo units.  Looking from the outside, you might not notice the difference. But once you take a closer look, you’ll find this residential masterpiece from Ecoglobal Homes a different experience altogether. Considering that its location is right across Ateneo de Manila University, you immediately know that developer Ecoglobal Homes has a few aces up their sleeves. Otherwise, they’ll be just one of the many condominiums in the area that offer everything but nothing special.

Why We Like It

If you think One Katipunan Residences features units that are the same as any condo unit in Manila, think again. Ecoglobal took pains to introduce technology that redefines the definition of smart homes in Philippine real estate. First, the entire building features sockets and switches by noted Italian electrical equipment maker Bticino. user-friendly, easy to install and use, and provides maximum protection. This means that each OKR unit features aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and low-power fixtures. 

Second, One Katipunan Residences allows residents to maximize their floor space by partnering with Ergo Home. Ergo is a well-known creator of customizable, convenient, and affordable furniture. When not in use, homeowners can simply fold or hide Ergo furniture to make space for other activities. 

Finally, One Katipunan Residences is pioneering the use of Kubo Living, a smartphone app that manages all condominium services such as reserving amenities, paying dues, and requesting repairs. The target residents consisting of college students and young professionals will also find OKR’s fiber-ready architecture a wonderful come-on. Ready even on moving day, new homeowners or tenants will surely appreciate having broadband internet upon arrival. His feature also makes it ideal to install voice-assisted automation controls on day one.

Things to Consider

One Katipunan Residences is priced considerably lower than its neighbors, which average more than P200,000 per square meter. A one-bedroom ready-for-occupancy (RFO) unit measuring 26 sqm on average and prices start at P5.2 million. Similarly, a two-bedroom RFO option measuring 41 sqm only costs P7.8 million. Considering the bells and whistles that come with each unit, homebuyers and investors will find One Katipunan Residences worth looking at. 

Investors in particular will find a steady supply of renters for OKR. Ateneo and UP-Diliman will welcome new students every year. Many parents of these students will want the best residential options for their future doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc. Student residents themselves won’t mind living in an actual smart home with broadband internet for their next four or five years in Katipunan. 

Looking for the Ultimate Condo Unit in Manila? Get the Best Deals with Ohmyhome

Do you agree that One Katipunan Residences offer a different kind of condo unit in Manila? If yes, Ohmyhome Philippines will be happy to walk you through other details you would want to know. The Philippines’ premier property tech forum can also show you alternative options in Katipunan and elsewhere in Metro Manila. You can use our search engine to filter results based on your personal preferences. Specify your location, home type, turnover date, and budget to get the results that matter.  

Sign up now for a great home-buying experience with Ohmyhome We won’t just show you homes that you’ll love, we’ll make our team of real estate professionals available to answer your questions, get you the best financing options, or help you with the paperwork.  Simply visit us at Ohmyhome and sign up for a free account today!

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