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Why is location the most desirable factor in an investment condo? Properties offer so much more when they’re in the right place. Professionals want access to public transport going into their workplaces. Businesspeople who are always on the move want similar proximity to road networks that allow them to travel anywhere they need to go. Meanwhile, those who prefer living their lives near their homes will always find refuge in the neighborhood. This includes spending time in nearby shopping malls, supermarkets, or outlet stores. Plus, living close to schools, medical centers, and sports and recreation centers also helps. On top of it all, living in a place with access to clean water, abundant electricity, and uninterrupted Internet is something everybody would want.  

If you’re thinking of acquiring property, especially an investment condo, location matters a lot. The chances of renting it out or flipping it for profit go up substantially if your condominium unit is somewhere where everything is within reach. 

It’s More Fun in Quezon City’s Timog Area 

Speaking of accessibility, let’s take a look at Quezon City, Metro Manila’s largest city. While Makati, Ortigas, and BGC are top of mind when it comes to business addresses, Quezon City is a great alternative location for small and medium-sized companies to grow their wings. In addition, the city is teeming with great residential options, including posh villages, budding townships, and plenty of urban clusters. Size alone isn’t what attracts Quezon City residents. The city has ample utilities such as water and electricity. Broadband is available for the most part. Retail centers dot the landscape from giant malls to sprawling commercial centers to small mom-and-pop stores.

What makes all these possible is Quezon City’s connectivity. EDSA, the Philippines’ major roadway, runs across the heart of the city. Additionally, a light rail system (MRT3) traverses through EDSA all the way to Southern Metro Manila. Soon, this railway will join a new subway, a new line going to Bulacan, and connect with an existing network (LRT-1) to form a mega terminal that caters to over 600,000 commuters daily.

A few hundred meters from this central terminal lies Quezon City’s Timog Area. It’s home to two of the country’s major broadcast networks as well as a number of government offices. Timog is also where the action is. By day, it’s a thriving strip of business, commercial, and fine dining establishments. By night, the area transforms into a party place where off-duty professionals drink, dance, and celebrate the night away. Given its proximity to the good times, Timog Avenue is awash with plenty of residential options. Among the many offerings for a wise investment condo is Enso Lofts.

We So Love Enso Lofts As an Investment Condo

Why do we love Enso as an investment condo? That’s because owners have plenty of options with this property. Business-minded owners can put up shop in the retail and amenities areas from the ground floor to the 4th. Meanwhile, residential options are available from the low zone (5th to 17th floors), mid zone (18th to 29th), high zone (30th to 41st), and the penthouse levels (42nd to 45th). 

Why We Like It

Variety in an investment condo is a good thing to have. Enso lofts offer units in different zones that cater to specific markets. The high zone and penthouse levels offer unprecedented security, privacy, and awesome views. The low and mid zones offer a good balance between privacy and accessibility, being nearer to the amenities and retail levels. For those with a product to sell or a trade to ply, the commercial areas below offer a prime location spot with a captive market. 

Then, there are amenities galore. Enso Lofts features a mix of infinity and swimming pools plus a complete fitness room. Even better, a children’s play area and daycare are available for busy parents who need help engaging the kiddies. Meanwhile, residents inclined to stay home have co-working spaces available for an alternate area for productivity.   

Location is a great selling point. Those with business in nearby GMA studios can simply walk and cross the street. A short car ride takes you to Quezon City Hall, the North Triangle area (SM, Trinoma, and Vertis), Cubao’s famous Araneta Center, Eton Centris, and the Greenhills Shopping Complex.  But then again, why venture far when plenty of dining and retail options can be found within the neighborhood?

Things to Consider

Residential units are available in studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom options. With floor areas ranging from a compact 27 sqm (studio) to a sprawling 68 sqm (two bedrooms), you’ll have plenty of space to enjoy your new urban lifestyle. Prices range from P8 million for a studio unit while a two-bedroom configuration can go up to P13 million. As an investment condo, the Timog QC area is on the verge of an economic boom. Once the mega terminal is completed, expect a flood of business and commercial activities to arrive. Having a foot in the door by way of an Enso loft investment is a great way to capitalize on this anticipated growth. 

It also helps that Enso Lofts is a project of PH1 World Developers, a subsidiary of construction titan Megawide. With the country’s leading engineering and infrastructure firm backstopping this project, you can be sure of quality construction and timely completion.

And So, Let’s Go With Enso Lofts!

Get the inside track with Enso Lofts today by visiting Ohmyhome Philippines, the country’s premier property tech platform. We’ll be happy to connect you with our top real estate professionals to get the best available units and the best financing deals. When looking for an investment condo or other properties, save yourself from the hassle of jumping from one developer website to another. Sign up for a free account today and receive the best home-buying experience from the comfort of youR own room!  Join now!

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