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What’s the best part about working hard for decades? For many former employees, it’s all about opening a new chapter in life called retirement. With a sizable nest egg and a willingness to find homes suited for an easygoing lifestyle, you’ll soon realize that the post-work years can be better than expected.

The Need To Stretch Your Retirement Funds

Unless you invested some of your money earlier in your career, your retirement will likely be your only source of income during your golden years. Staying after your retirement means putting up with the same things. CNBC reported in 2023 that a million dollars saved in 2021 lost $120,000 in value two years later. If this represents your entire life savings, you might find yourself in the hole a couple of years down the line. If you don’t manage your finances, a single sickness or accident can wipe out your funds. 

Instead of worrying constantly about how to make the dollars last longer, many retirees choose to move to areas with a lower cost of living. This allows you to enjoy the things you’re used to at much lower rates. Moving to a retirement haven country like the Philippines also means affordable healthcare and better housing options. In short, you’ll be far better off living in the Philippines compared to your home country. At several thousand dollars a month, you can already afford a luxury home in an urbanized location. Health and medical care are also cheaper as well as everyday expenses such as food, utilities, and fuel. 

Why Retire in the Philippines? 

There are plenty of reasons to retire to the Philippines apart from a lower cost of living. One, you won’t have problems communicating with the locals as English is spoken widely in the entire country. In fact, many global corporations outsource their business processes in the Philippines because of the locals’ English proficiency, and Westernized culture. Whether you’re dining in a restaurant or asking for directions to the nearest pub, the locals will be more than happy to help you in your language.

Aside from the weather, many foreign retirees won’t miss a thing back home if they move to the Philippines. All their leisure and recreational activities are available here and at cheaper rates. In some cases, the Philippines might be a better location for activities such as golf, scuba diving, and shopping. The latter is an indulgence that many Filipinos can relate to. The country is famous for its many lifestyle malls that offer both the latest gadgets as well as luxury goods.

Where to Find Homes Ideal for Retirement in the Philippines

With over 7,100 islands, the Philippines has plenty to offer retirees. Those who prefer the modern vibe of a highly urbanized location will definitely feel at home in Metro Manila. However, a Metro Manila vibe comes with Metro Manila prices, which may be lower somewhere else. For those who like a lower profile plus access to fresher countryside air, they’ll be happy to know they can find homes in several major provinces. These include Cavite, Bulacan, Laguna, and Pampanga. All four provinces are suburban areas about an hour away from the capital. While they have modern trappings such as ample electricity, water, and Internet connectivity, they possess a unique, rural charm that many retirees love to experience.


Why Cavite? The province is a suburb south of Metro Manila. It’s near enough to be less than an hour’s drive but far enough to avoid the traffic and congestion that envelops the capital. Cavite is also the address of sprawling residential villages that offer wide lot cuts, open spaces, and modern amenities.

You’ll happily find homes within world-class golf courses, near lifestyle malls, leisure parks, and entertainment districts, or along farmlands or fishing areas. Cavite is also home to Tagaytay, a mountain city that features a cooler climate compared to the rest of the country. Aside from villages filled with pine trees, Tagaytay also has a famous row of condominiums along its ridge, offering majestic views of the famous Taal Volcano.   


Meanwhile, Bulacan is quietly enjoying its status as Metro Manila’s unofficial extension. The northern areas of the capital share a border with Bulacan, one of the country’s richest provinces. Like Cavite, Bulacan provides quick proximity to Metro Manila in case you have any business there. The MRT-7 project scheduled for launch next year means that traveling to Manila will take minutes instead of hours. Plus, the completion of the Bulacan International Airport by  2027 gives you one less reason to go to the capital.

Moreover, the bigger attraction of Bulacan lies in the quiet, serene atmosphere of its many cities, towns, and villages. Fresh air and fresh food are a given. There are plenty of historic sites, preserved old houses, and plenty of traditional festivals still happening in Bulacan. However, it doesn’t mean that living there would be backward as well. You’ll find homes in Bulacan that cater to your every requirement. This includes sprawling large estates, classic townhomes, and modern condo units located in a futuristic township.


Heading back south, Laguna is a province that leads a double life. On one hand, it’s a wonderful province that features stunning naturescapes from waterfalls to mountain ranges to lush forests. On the other hand, it’s also home to a sprawling industrial complex that serves many top global corporations. In between, Laguna offers residential options that range from quaint farm villas to sprawling estates to modern townhomes.

Like its fellow provinces, Laguna offers plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and greenery to residents in need of a break. Despite the natural setting, Laguna operates thriving commercial, retail, and leisure industries that provide everything that households would ever need. Among its many flagship attractions is Enchanted Kingdom, a theme park that rivals some of its famous international counterparts. Laguna is also home to plenty of challenging golf courses, hiking and trek adventure locations, and scenic tourist spots.


Moving further up north is Pampanga, a famous sanctuary for retirees for over five decades. Many foreign servicemen who outlived their assignments in the Korean and Vietnam war chose to stay in the province to spend their remaining days in relative peace and prosperity.

Pampanga is home to a shuttered US Air Force base, which is now operating as a complex that includes casinos, hotels, tourist spots, golf courses, export zones, and an international airport. Retirees will have no problem blending in Angeles City, which is where Clark stands. They’ll also appreciate the serene and rustic feel of the rest of the province. Despite its idyllic nature, you’ll find traces of modernity in the area including its well-designed infrastructure, adequate power and water utilities, and reliable internet and telephony services. 

Do You Want to Retire in the Philippines? Ohmyhome Will Happily Find Homes for You!

Make every cent of your retirement fund matter. We at Ohmyhome will happily help you find homes that suit your preferred budget, location, and lifestyle. As the  country’s premier property tech platform, we’ll make sure you learn the ins and outs of buying property in the Philippines before you sign your name on any document. Plus, our extensive listing of thousands of properties from over 200 of the country’s top developers should be more than enough for you to locate the property of your dreams. 

Ohmyhome will also help you get the best property deals, secure the best financing options, and walk you through documentation and other requirements. Simply sign up today for a free account and we’ll do the rest! 

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