2024 Feng Shui Tips for Buying and Decorating Your Home in Singapore

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2024 Feng Shui Tips for Buying and Decorating Your Home in Singapore


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The year 2024 marks the beginning of the highly anticipated Period 9 Feng Shui cycle. Unlock greater prosperity in your life when you harness its positive energies. Period 9 (spanning from 2024 to 2043) is an important cycle in Feng Shui as it presents unique opportunities for property owners and investors. Here, we unveil several Feng Shui tips tailored for Period 9, guiding you in selecting or decorating a home that attracts positivity and good fortune.

4 Singapore towns with good feng shui in 2024

During Period 9, the Li Trigram and the Fire element take center stage. Property owners seeking to enhance the value and potential of their investments should keep an eye out for homes located in the South of Singapore. This auspicious Feng Shui star resides in the Southern area, and properties in locations such as Redhill, Telok Blangah, Queenstown, and Sentosa are expected to experience a significant uplift in prosperity, positivity, and capital gains. When choosing a unit, it is crucial to select one with clear, unobstructed paths for ‘qi’ to enter your home, promoting growth and progress. Additionally, it is important to avoid adjacent buildings with pointed corners pointing inwards toward your residence. By paying close attention to the energy of Period 9, you can maximize the benefits and potential of your property investments.

Add some purple accents in your room

In Period 9, make Purple your lucky colour. Embrace auspicious energies by incorporating shades of purple, lavender, and lilac into your home’s interiors or bedroom colour scheme. Purple is the designated auspicious colour for Period 9, symbolizing prosperity and financial abundance. These hues foster relaxation and creativity, making them ideal for serene living rooms or restful bedrooms which enhances the overall harmonious energy within your space.

Adorn the wealth corner with the money plant

Enhance the energy of your living space by strategically activating the wealth corners and areas. In Period 9, the auspicious star resides in the Southeast, offering you the opportunity to attract wealth and business prospects. To effectively activate this star, consider adorning the wealth corner with green potted plants that symbolize prosperity, such as the money plant, calathea plant, or rubber plant. Nature is the ultimate source of abundance, and as these plants activate the auspicious sector, they also contribute to the growth of your financial well-being. Additionally, ensure that the energy flow in this area remains unobstructed to allow wealth to effortlessly flow into your life. 

To further enhance this sector, consider placing a standing lamp, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also represents enlightenment and attracts positive energy. By illuminating the space, the lamp serves as a beacon for prosperity and success. On the same note, it is crucial to avoid placing rubbish bins in the Southeast corner.

Take care of the Illness Star

During Period 9, the Feng Shui #2 Erhei illness and accident star takes residence in the West. For those who stay in the west, it is crucial to prioritize your well-being and be vigilant for any signs that may indicate hidden health issues. Remember, nothing is more valuable than good health. It is highly recommended to eliminate any dead plants and maintain a neat, clean, and dry environment in your home at all times. If your bathroom is located in the West sector, consider placing anti-slip mats to prevent unfortunate accidents.

During period 9, certain Feng Shui remedies and practices become more effective as they align with the prevailing energy. For the best activation results, consider consulting a Feng Shui expert who can personalize your space according to your unique energies and requirements, ensuring utmost harmony and prosperity.

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