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Are you living in a smart home? If not, are you planning to in the future? Does that mean wiring your house and turning it into your digital fortress with your mobile phone as your key?  But, what do you really get out of creating a smart home? What can it accomplish? And given all that, is it really worth the effort? 

Of course, the phrase “smart home” doesn’t actually mean your two-bedroom unit suddenly grew sentient and took over the duties of household management. Given what smart devices can do now, there’s very little doubt things will progress toward that goal. But for now,  a smart home is a residence that hosts a network of internet-connected devices. Notice that with all the automation going on in the house, the owner still has to trigger each event. With a smart home, they can do us using their smartphones. 

Smart Homes Need Smart Devices

Key to the ongoing smart home revolution is the growing popularity of smart devices. Unlike regular “dumb” appliances, these units feature Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity. Whether it’s something simple like a smart lightbulb or something more complex like an entire security network, smart devices are more than just remote-controlled appliances. Many of these smart devices also perform monitoring services in addition to their primary function. 

Hence, refrigerators issue an SMS to Mom when the milk is running out. Or a light bulb nearing its lifespan. This means that not only can homeowners control what appliances to turn on and off inside their houses remotely, but they can also get feedback on what’s happening in the house. Temperature, humidity, electrical consumption, and fire or CO2 detection. 

Basic Smart Devices You Need

At this point, you probably already have one or two smart devices that can power your home. A smart TV is a safe bet, especially if you’re into streaming movies. However, there’s not much use remotely operating a TV when you’re out. And maybe, you already have those round robot vacuum cleaners that you can remotely activate when nobody’s home. If nothing else, it’s an entertaining way to clean the house. 

To make for a real smart home, you’ll need some other gadgets as well. Chief among them are the following: 


The hub is the control center that serves as the gateway between you and your smart home devices. You probably know them by their names: Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Siri. These devices allow you to use voice commands when remotely controlling equipment while at home. Alexa et al can also provide you with quick answers to common, everyday questions like the weather, sports scores, or even celebrity gossip. They can also write down your grocery lists or schedule your to-dos. 

Smart Plugs/Smart Sockets

If you’re not yet willing to throw out your current appliances for any reason, you can still give them a bit of an intelligence boost. Smart plugs or smart sockets will act as a secondary gateway between your dumb devices like washing machines, electric kettles, garage door openers, and air conditioners. Since the plug or the socket can be controlled remotely, you can easily switch your dumb devices on and off remotely as well. Until you’re ready to fully commit to a fully Smart Home, these devices should do for them meantime. 

Smart Lights

Somehow, this is the poster child for smart homes. Lights that go on and off via voice command. You can imagine how many millions of dads already managed to shout “Let there be light!” during the first few weeks of installing smart lighting. 

Smart Security System

Instead of buying a subscription to have a company monitor your house, you can do it yourself using a smart security system overlooking your property. These state-of-the-art systems can monitor not just the temperature, but can also detect the presence of any noxious gases in the house. It also continuously monitors your house and pays special attention to your doors, windows, and other openings. 

So, Is Having a Smart Home Worth It? 

Those who find the concept of a smart home as something for lazy or entitled people are likely seeing just one side of the coin. True, switching on a light bulb or turning on your coffee maker aren’t exactly bone-breaking chores that you need Alexa to take over. There’s no denying the convenience aspect, but the real reason for installing smart home systems is practicality. Many studies already show that having remote access to your appliances can save thousands of pesos every year from electricity costs. Why leave your laptop charging at home when you just turn off the socket remotely? 

In addition, security is also something that a smart home setup can help with. Imagine having the ability to lock a door you forget to earlier? Or receiving a message from your phone about a potential short-circuit in one of your outlets. In the end, a smart home system can be anything you want it to be. You can choose just to have a security system that you can monitor over your phone. Or you can go the full monty and get all the bells and whistles. And if building a smart home means having fun, why shouldn’t you?

Even luxury offerings in the Philippines are now starting to move towards the smart route, led by the flagship project of RHK Land, a joint venture between Robinsons Land and Hong Kong Land — The Velaris Residences promises smart luxury vertical living.

Want to know which properties and developments are smart home-ready here in the Philippines? Visit the Ohmyhome Philippines website or download the mobile app for iOS and Android to know about the hottest and tech-savvy properties out there. You also get the latest in real estate news, trends, and prices. Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube for even more content.  

Learn about this and more by joining us at our first-ever Ohmyhome Virtual Property Roadshow on September 27, 7 PM, and discover everything about property investments. Let us help you save up for your dream smart home and secure your future. 

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