Why I Work at Ohmyhome: Leap of Faith Paid Off

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Why I Work at Ohmyhome: Leap of Faith Paid Off


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We are familiar with property agents during our brief face to face encounter with them when we transact our homes, but in Singapore, we don’t transact our homes often. As we look to bring our unsung home heroes into the forefront, we kick off a series of interviews to profile our dedicated and passionate group of in-house agents who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

For Ohmyhome’s Senior Real Estate Consultant David Ng, who has been in real estate for the past 16 years, Ohmyhome grants a unique opportunity to work at a company where he sees the future of real estate heading, as technology continues to change the industry in significant ways.

Coupled with Ohmyhome’s unique work culture, joining the company as one of the first in-house agents has allowed David to witness the growth of the company since 2016, and have kept him invested and looking forward to a long career in the industry. What is his perspective on how Ohmyhome is changing the world of real estate? Why does he choose to work at Ohmyhome?

How did you first hear about Ohmyhome?

I was first introduced to Ohmyhome back in May 2016. I joined back when the company had barely started, and there was no tech or backend team. But I decided to give it a go and stopped being a freelance agent. In fact, I was the first agent employee.

What motivated you to join Ohmyhome?

Seeing how the company is reinventing the whole home buying and selling process was definitely a breath of fresh air. I believe that the business model has potential and can sustain in the long term. Having been in the real estate industry since 2003, I’ve witnessed how the industry was evolving and that it was getting tougher working as a freelance agent; things started really changing back in 2014.

As one of the first agents at the company, joining the sales team not only invited initial skepticism among other agents, but also required a leap of faith. Anyone looking to join as a new agent will require a mindset shift. The system should not be a threat, but instead encourage more agents.

I have witnessed the immediate impact of the changes made within the property industry during the first three crucial months we were starting up from September to December 2016. This just shows that all the initial hard work put into this budding idea, as well as overcoming the initial skepticism from other agents, all paid off as the team experiences the fruits of our labour.

I also believe an agent shouldn’t charge customers too high of a commission. Hence, at Ohmyhome we are able to significantly pass on huge savings to our clients.


David receiving his Certificate of Achievement handed by Ohmyhome’s CEO Rhonda Wong

What’s a typical day for you as an Ohmyhome agent?

I start my day by checking my calendar schedule for following up with client leads I’m currently working on that week. Communication-wise, I rely mostly on phone calls and Whatsapp as I find it the fastest and most convenient channel to provide prompt updates to my customers. I will also get administrative work out of the way by checking any paperwork needed to be submitted to the office or HDB. It is important to have an organised system in place, or else it will be a challenge to catch up.

I check with my colleagues to help the team cross market. For example, one of the home sellers opt to buy a property in the area where I focus on, then I will present my listings. That way we can maximise our own base of genuine buyers.

A good chunk of time is also spent checking my calendar for Client Appointments scheduled by our Customer Care Team. I will remind the seller or buyer beforehand on documents to bring along for HDB completion appointments. Overall, I am constantly following up to make sure my deals are progressing.

How do you use the Ohmyhome platform throughout the day? How has it changed the way you do your work?

I check the app regularly at least three times a day – morning, lunch and dinner time for any enquiry on my listings and other tasks. I will also first check the app for any buyer-seller matching opportunities.

This definitely differs from the traditional way; we get to sell faster while marketing more efficiently to the right leads and ready buyers. This means instead of spending time on sourcing for potential buyers and leads, we focus more on marketing and selling. This helps us sell faster than the market speed.

Do you have a favourite part in working at Ohmyhome?

The collaborative culture at the company is my favourite part, hands down. Everyone is working as a team, instead of having a competing mindset; there is a spirit of unity and camaraderie among the agents. This team spirit is difficult to find anywhere else. Also, there is a system in place to motivate the team, which also helps to cultivate a healthier workplace environment.

Being a part of Ohmyhome means having a support system and a whole team behind me, while focusing on doing what I do best- selling properties and servicing the clients’ best interests.

We are committed to go all out for our clients and put customer service at the forefront of every action we take, which is a refreshing approach. At Ohmyhome, you can freely give of yourself and trust that the company is looking out for your best interests, and in turn, you can take care of your clients better.


David with Ohmyhome’s COO Race Wong and CEO Rhonda Wong during Ohmyhome’s Second Anniversary

How do you see Ohmyhome moving forward in the future?

I believe we can potentially help more families financially. For instance, a previous client of mine had a sick husband and required extra funds for his medical expenses. In addition to his dire health condition, they were facing career transitions. Through our platform, they had more savings when they sold their house, which was used to pay for medication they urgently needed.

As one of the first few clients who was on our side from the beginning, we do not take their trust for granted. Also, it’s this ability to foster closer relationships with our clients that continues to drive us to do what’s best for them. Since we don’t always know the reasons people sell their houses until later in the process, I believe that we will continue to succeed as long as we remember to stay grateful, and show empathy and appreciation towards our clients.

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