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Why I Joined Ohmyhome


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Updated: 07 Mar 2019

We had the chance to interview one of Ohmyhome’s Senior Real Estate Consultant Kenneth Chua, the man who transacted 76 homes in the last 12 months! Kenneth is Ohmyhome’s Golden Chip Program (GCP) Lead. He shared with us a few insights on why he joined Ohmyhome as a Full-Time Salesperson.

When did you join Ohmyhome and why?

I joined Ohmyhome in 2016.
The Ohmyhome concept was exactly what I wanted to do myself. It embodies my ideals of how to do things in the real estate industry; honest, transparent and integrated.

1. Career Progression

Ohmyhome has a Golden Chip Program which nurtures your skills and develop your capability to become a Sales Manager. I think that it is not a stagnant workplace to belong to.

2. Stability

Here, there is stability. With or without sales, I get a monthly salary + CPF, mobile phone and car subsidy plus commissions. I get to focus on being a salesperson because I get the much-needed support from our team behind the scenes. From the customer service manager, operations manager, booking officers and technical team who help us become more efficient with our tasks.

At first, the monthly base salary may not look as attractive as the 1-2% agent fees that freelance agents have, but it’s sufficient.

I can take a medical leave when my health is compromised, and I get to enjoy annual leaves because I have the entire salesforce team behind me to take care of my clients while I am away.

3. Marketing Team that Looks for Leads

I don’t look for leads, Ohmyhome has a marketing team that does that for us. We also don’t spend on advertising for our clients’ properties, it’s all provided by Ohmyhome. So, the base salary offered at Ohmyhome is nett.

4. Opportunities

As a startup company, there are numerous opportunities waiting for you at Ohmyhome. I started as a salesperson, now I am a trainer and I am involved in the recruitment of new salespersons.

What do you want to tell the salespersons planning to join Ohmyhome?

Welcome aboard! There’s no better time to join Ohmyhome than now.

Call 6886 9009 to learn more.

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