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The Future of Homeownership is Here: Homer AI Redefines Real Estate Technology

Maelyn Lagman

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The ever-evolving landscape of technology may be one step for man, but it is one giant leap for mankind. The digital revolution we’re in today has, I’m sure, touched all aspects of your life, from ChatGPT becoming your go-to search console instead of Google, to TikTok and YouTube replacing traditional modes of entertainment like cable TV. It has also revolutionised the property industry.

However, while there are many portals for homeowners like you to browse and post property listings, there are almost no tools that provide reliable information about your home and the property transaction process in one place. 

Property portals such as SRX, PropertyGuru, or EdgeProp have fragmented their home valuation tools, property market reports, and financial calculators; You have to piece all the pieces together on your own and, frankly, it’s too much time and effort. 

So we developed a tool that would place the most crucial information about your home in one app. In just a few minutes, you’ll get access to everything you need to know about your home. 

Check out Homer AI today

Ohmyhome Co-founder Race Wong sitting on the couch on her phone

Homer AI is your new Home Ownership Management & e-Valuation tool that can help you:

If you own a HDB flat, you can easily sign up with Singpass. Don’t worry, we won’t have access to any of your personal information. This is to make signing up easier for you, and to verify that you are the real owner of the property you sign up with. 

Leverage the power of your home valuation 

Homer AI gives you an accurate estimation of your home value, based on key home features and latest transactions, using data from trusted sources to ensure reliable estimates.

More importantly, our smart algorithm is powered by technology to capture up-to-date market pricing, including the transaction prices of properties recently sold from major property portals.

Please take note that your Home e-Valuation by Homer AI does not represent an official appraisal and should only serve as a starting reference for your home’s indicative value.

How much cash can you keep after selling your home?

With Homer AI, you can also track and monitor your cashflow with financial calculators to help you determine your budget for your next home purchase.

Before we had the technology to automatically compute our sellers’ cash proceeds, we had to do the math manually. We wrote this looooong article to explain the nitty gritty of it.

But months later, after developing Homer AI, which mastered the science of property financial calculations, this article was basically rendered useless. As it goes, if you can let a smarter friend do your homework for you, why do it yourself?

Do you have enough to buy your next home?

Homer AI doesn’t just know how to calculate your cash proceeds, it can also tell you how much you need, in cash and CPF, plus loans, to buy your next home. 

Find out how much you can afford for your next home without doing the math yourself. Leave it to the AI genius. Using our Affordability Calculator, simply enter your financial details, from your cash on hand and monthly loan repayments to your intended loan type and tenure. 

Go a step further and figure out how much you can save on your mortgage with Homer AI’s Mortgage Calculator. 

Let HomerGPT answer all your property questions instantly

Your AI property expert, armed with precise data from reliable sources, is ready to provide you with all the information you will need about your home. Ask HomerGPT your questions here.

Find potential buyers before you even sell your home

You don’t have to wait for your selling process to start with your property agent before knowing how many potential buyers there are in the market. Homer AI will give you a list of potential buyers looking for a property similar to yours, complete with their ideal move-in timeline and budget.

Browse through available listings for sale and rent in the same place

Want to sell and buy in one go? No problem. Browse through numerous Ohmyhome listings in the same app.

This is a screenshot from the Homer AI app. Download it here for Apple users, and here for Android users.

Be empowered to make smarter property decisions with Homer AI

As a customer-first property technology platform, we are committed to giving you a tailored experience with Homer AI. Through the Homer AI app, you can buy, sell, rent, or renovate from the comfort of your own space. We didn’t build this tool to add more products under our brand, but to give you the power to make informed decisions.

12,500 homes trust Homer AI

With 12,500 homes connected as of the end of January 2024 and growing, we have built a strong user base. Many homeowners have come to rely on Homer AI’s accurate home valuation and comprehensive financial planning tools to navigate the real estate market. Active users make up an impressive 35% of the community, a testament to the value it provides.

Over 9,000 HDB flat owners and 3,004 condo owners use Homer AI

In Singapore, HomerAI has connected with 9,506 HDB flats, resulting in a staggering total value of S$6.17B billion, with an average home value of S$650,000. Additionally, 3,004 condo units have embraced HomerAI, accounting for an impressive S$5.64 billion, with an average home value of S$1.880 million.

The Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) generated by HomerAI stands at a remarkable $9.1 billion, which represents a group of homeowners who are looking for more digitised and streamlined services.

HomerAI is for you

HomerAI isn’t just a platform; it’s a new product dedicated to homeowners like you. It represents the future of homeownership, where cutting-edge technology meets the needs and aspirations of those who dream of owning their own space. In Homer AI’s realm, you gain more than just a number or a price tag; you also gain a wealth of knowledge and a powerful set of tools to make informed decisions, as well as a suite of services that they can engage daily at your fingertips.

We are continuously bringing new features and updates to Homer AI to further empower you in having access to information and control over your home selling and buying journeys. We are also bringing more opportunities for you to earn more than you might expect with offers from our partners so you don’t miss out on great deals. 

Stay tuned and ensure you enable notifications to receive the latest updates or changes in home values based on the latest transactions in the market!

The journey of homeownership has never been more exciting. Welcome to the future of homeownership with Homer AI. 

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