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Your New Digital Property Friend – Homer AI By Ohmyhome


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With over 100 dormant apps on our phones, updates every other minute that you instinctively swipe away or clear like clockwork, and receiving constant “ding” notifications trying to sell you something every minute, it’s a wonder how you’re able to sift information that truly matters.

But what truly matters?

How about insights on your biggest and most personal asset? A commitment you made larger than you initially thought you could. The one valuable thing which holds the biggest portion of your net worth.

That’s right. Your home.

You go to work every single day, toil for hours behind a desk, usually daydreaming about what you’d rather do instead, just to make sure you can pay your mortgage to keep a roof over your heads.

With something that important, why wouldn’t you want to always have the most important data on this precious asset with you?

But hey, we understand. It’s not something we’re experts in. People study for hours and take tests, where barely half the cohort passes each time just to understand this stuff. You’ve got more important things to do.

Now, if only you have a trusted friend, a friend you can go to that always has the answers. He’s updated, accurate, intelligent, and some might even say guides you to make the next best move. And he’s there whenever you need him. He doesn’t take breaks, goes on leave, or tells you he’s too busy dealing with his other clients.

That perfect friend doesn’t exist… Until today.

Say “Hi!” to your new digital property friend: Homer AI

Homer AI - Ohmyhome's Next Generation Home Ownership Management & e-Valuation AI Tool

Homer AI is your next-generation Home Ownership Management & e-Valuation Report AI tool.

Built by Ohmyhome and trained to provide you with only the most crucial insights on your home, Homer AI tells you everything you need to know about your property.

The best part? He sits in the palm of your hand keeping you up to date with relevant property information.

Homer AI tells you:

1) How much is your home worth

2) Recent transactions in your area

3) How much your neighbours are selling for

4) How much cash you’ll receive from the sale

Soon, Homer AI will also be able to plan your property documentation timeline if you decide to sell or buy a home, send you news updates that may cause a shift in property prices, demand, or supply in your estate, and even recommend homes that fit your budget and criteria, automatically.

Ohmyhome is constantly trying to provide ease and reliability when it comes to property transactions, so we built Homer AI to help you do just that.

Using and verifying your information with MyInfo with Singpass, Homer AI just needs a few seconds to crunch the data and provide you with instant insights.

Convinced to give Homer AI a try? Get started here and connect your home with Homer AI.

Require some visual aid to understand what Homer does? Here’s a video we made about Josh, who recently met Homer AI.

Like Josh, with Homer AI, you’re now the experts of your own home. No longer do you need to rely on outdated and static data that may be working on old information.

With Homer AI by your side, and whenever you’re ready, you’ll be able to sell your home for more and find buyers with the right offer in an instant.

Homer AI serves to make you a smarter homeowner.

So that’s enough talk, try Homer AI today. Don’t be shy, say hi to Homer AI.

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Join our Telegram channel and follow our Facebook page for the latest property updates.

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