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Proximity Housing Grant (PHG): Eligibility Checklist When Living Near or With Parents

Planning to buy a resale flat nearest to your parents' home


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Buying a flat for the first time and planning to live near your parents’ home? Great news! Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) aims to help more families to buy a resale flat to live with or close to each other for mutual care and support.

Grants sure make housing more affordable, what makes PHG different? Well, the key is in the word ‘proximity.’

PHG encourages Singaporean families to live near or with their parents, hence, your purchased resale flat must be within 4km of your parents’ home or within the same town.


Proximity Housing Grant Eligibility Checklist

Find out if the PHG is for you:

CitizenshipI am a Singapore Citizen (SC)
Family NucleusMy family nucleus is comprise of at least another SC or Singapore Permanent Resident.
  • If applying as a Family
  • If applying as Single
  • I am 21 years old or above.
  • I am 35 years old or above.
Previous PHG SubsidyI have not previously received PHG.
Flat’s Remaining LeaseThe resale flat have a sufficient lease of 20^ years or more.
ProximityThe HDB resale flat I intend to buy is either:

  • Within 4 km of my parents’ HDB flat
  • Within 4 km of the private residential property that my parents live in.

^For HDB resale applications received by the HDB on or after 11 Sep 2019. For resale applications received before 11 Sep 2019, flat purchased must have remaining lease of at least 30 years.

Are the eligibility conditions applicable to you? If yes, congratulations!

To find out whether the HDB resale flat you intend to buy is in the same town or within 4km of your parents’ HDB flat or owner-occupied private residential property, use the Distance Enquiry for Proximity Housing Grant e-Service.

Grant Amount for Proximity Housing Grant

If you plan to buy a resale flat to live with your parents, you will enjoy a grant of $30,000. But if you are buying a resale flat to live near them, you will receive a grant of $20,000.

If you are an eligible single, you will receive the respective sums of $15,000 and $10,000 for living with or near your parents. The best thing about PHG, is that ALL Singaporeans are eligible once, regardless of your household income, ownership of private property, or whether you have received other housing subsidies previously.

Aside from PHG’s financial benefits, there are scientifically proven advantages of living with or near your loved ones. Start unlocking this grant by checking out over 10,000 of our genuine and unique listings. You may negotiate with sellers directly, for free!

Buyers, you may also read up on the 6 Steps to Buy a Property without an Agent.

If you need professional assistance, our experienced agents can assist you with affordability calculation, financial and timeline planning and more! Our HDB buyer agent service is at a fixed fee from $2,288 + GST.

Call 6886 9009 to learn more now!

Reference: HDB

While the Information is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the Information. The Information may change without notice and Ohmyhome is not in any way liable for the accuracy of any information printed and stored or in any way interpreted and used by a user.

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