Out of the Ordinary #BTOgether Story: “Want To BTO?” Before “Will You Marry Me?”

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Out of the Ordinary #BTOgether Story: “Want To BTO?” Before “Will You Marry Me?”


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Written by: Marissa Saini

Romantic BTO narratives start when the guy pops the question, one knee on the floor, a shiny ring in his hands and his heart on the line. Once the long-awaited “Yes!” is won, the BTO application is the next rung on the Singaporean ladder.

But there are some couples who opted out of the fairy tale storytelling, they were unswerving for choosing the road less travelled as they believed they were ready – minus the big proposal.

This was how happily ever after started for 26-year-old Marissa Saini and 30-year-old Alif Danial, who decided to try their luck and apply for the September 2019 BTO exercise even before they got engaged. The chosen unit? A five-room flat offered under the Tampines GreenGlen project.

When asked about what was the turning point that led them to that fateful decision, Marissa said, “Both of us had informed our parents about our interest in buying a BTO, so we were traditional in that sense. We have been together for four years and have always wanted a house of our own once we get married.”

The BTO’s prime location was also a strategic choice for the couple. “Tampines GreenGlen is ideal because it’s in the East, nearer to my ailing grandparents. We also like Tampines because it is such a great place to be, convenient to be around, with IKEA, Giant, and Courts within reach,” said Alif.

“To make things even better, the September 2019 BTO exercise was launched at the same time as the Enhanced Housing Grant (EHG). The scheme would allow first-timers like us with a monthly household income of up to $9,000 to receive a grant amount of up to $80,000,” Marissa added.


A few weeks later, they were informed of their successful queue number – and the rest was history! The couple got engaged a few months after selecting their flat. They plan to tie the knot in 2022.

Alif had no regrets when asked to comment about the whirlwind journey they’ve had. “Now that our flat has been selected, the completion date is slated to be only a year after the wedding! It was definitely a big leap of faith when we applied but now, it’s exhilarating that everything is in place for us to start our journey as newlyweds.”

Tampines Greenglen offered a total of 649 units and is estimated to be completed by 2023. The nearest public transport is Tampines North MRT station along the Cross Island Line, scheduled to open in 2029.

Featured Photo Attribution: Airisu

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