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8% of People Keep Their New Year’s Resolution


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Written by: Benjienen Toledo

As 2020 approaches, all the thoughts on New Year resolution start coming to mind. I will start counting my calories and make healthier eating choices. I will be more patient with my colleagues. I will be…

Sounds familiar?

Can we even remember the resolutions we made last year? Every year, we shoot for the moon when setting New Year goals, stepping into an endless cycle of unfulfilled resolutions. The University of Scranton research reveals that only eight percent of people keep their New Year’s resolutions, 92% cannot stick to it due to various reasons that range from setting overwhelming goals to getting frustrated by hiccups along the way.

Ever wonder why or what makes the 8% succeed in achieving their New Year resolutions?

Proven Tips to Achieve New Year Resolutions this 2020:

1. Have a reset mindset, not a resolution mindset

What’s the difference? While a resolution represents a firm decision to do or not do something, a reset is an opportunity to “set again” or set your habits differently. With a reset mindset, you commit to moderate, realistic goals and making small changes every day.

This is highly preferable because it has flexibility, you can make adjustments according to what works best for you. You can eliminate roadblocks on your way to perfection. What I realised all these years is that perfection is not a one-time shot, it’s a product of a series of missed shots that led you to find that most coveted sweet spot. And it only happens if you don’t stop.

Note to self:

Do not give up on your goals!


2. Make each day a new beginning, not just January 1st

A new year’s resolution has a definite start date which tricks your brain into thinking that they have an end date, too. A reset, on the other hand, is about creating healthy habits for the long term.

Just like tending to a fragile flower, we need to give our goals enough time to bloom and show it’s lovely petals fully. We have set our mind on the fall even before the spring. It is important to treat each day as a new beginning!

3. Create an environment where you can be vulnerable

It is essential to make yourself accountable for your resolutions. How do you do it? Share it with friends and family. Keeping it to yourself makes you invulnerable, and this prevents your significant circle to hold you for your goals. Besides that, it is a place where we can share our difficulties, safely fail and stand up again. Without judgment.

Note to self:

Be vulnerable to be accountable!

4. Make it Simple and Tangible

Moderating your resolutions could be the difference between giving up in February and creating a lasting lifestyle change. Making extreme goals is a nice aspiration, yet it can become complicated for an average person to focus on with all the distractions and demands each one has whether at work or home. Psychologist Lynn Bufka says; “Remember, it is not the extent of the change that matters, but rather the act of recognising that lifestyle change is important and working toward it, one step at a time.”

Goals should be bounded by rational, achievable metrics. Or else, your elation can quickly give way to frustration. If you can’t measure it, it’s not a very good resolution. Thus, we need to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goals.

An example is setting a goal of losing 1 kg per week and take at least 10k steps daily. Don’t simply aim to have a well toned body.

5. Get going towards that direction!

Andy Stanley says that direction, not the intention, determines your destination. People rely on their intention to guide them through life. Instead of finding a defined direction, they intend to move without actually moving. The intention will get you nowhere.

Direction, not intention determines your destination. -A. Stanley

Instead, position the new year as an inspiration for direction and harness the energy it exudes to work on our resolutions.

Note to self:

Get going and keep on going!

As for me, I will keep my 2020 goal this simple:
Count the flowers, not the weeds. Each day in 2020, I will find reasons to be grateful. Even just one blossom that I could have for the day, it will make 366 new blooms in my garden of joy.

All the best this holiday season! May 2020 be a better year towards a healthier and happier you.

Sources: Gregoire, Seagraves, Diamond, Stanley

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