Ohmyhome’s Top 22 Most Read Stories in 2022

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Ohmyhome’s Top 22 Most Read Stories in 2022


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Our mission at Ohmyhome is to meet you, our readers, where you are in your housing journey. We want to bring you trustworthy advice and authoritative information on all things property that will equip you to make astute decisions about the home you’re buying, selling, renting, or leasing. The 22 stories below, our most-read this year, are ones that did just that. From step-by-step guides to buying and selling your home, breaking down home loans and property taxes, and calculating your cash proceeds — these are the articles you spent the most time with. 

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22. What 2nd Time Sellers Need to Know Has Changed When Selling Your Home

Even if you sold your home just 5 years ago, there have been plenty of improvements that have helped sellers benefit in both time, cost, and paperwork. Tell me more >

21. Exposing the Truth of These 5 Common Beliefs About HDBs and Condos

On privacy, pet-friendliness, connectivity, and all the factors that make you prefer one over the other. Read the story >

20. Price Trend Analysis: Why Is North Gaia EC in Yishun Worthy for Investment?

As the first executive condo launched in 2022, North Gaia held a lot of promise for buyers looking to enter low and exit high. Read the analysis >

19. Unsold for 3 Years? Here’s How We Sold This Penthouse in Just 2 Months

“It was just so easy,” Jasmine Chong, founder of Lab Studios, said. “I didn’t expect that at all.” Read the story >

18. Upcoming Condo to Watch: Pine Grove (Parcel A) Launching in Feb 2022

A new residential site in mature estate Clementi boasts proximity to numerous amenities. Most especially schools. “>Tell me more“> >

17. How Private Property Owners Are Reacting to the 15-Month Wait-out Period

Ohmyhome’s top agent spills the tea on his “workaround solutions” to this recent cooling measure. Read the story >

16. Atlassia Condo Review: Heritage Aesthetic and Modern Living

Presenting a rare opportunity for homeowners to experience shophouse living. Read the review >

15. Save Time & Money When Selling & Buying A HDB

It’s surprising that most HDB Homeowners are unfamiliar with this collaboration between CPF and HDB. Tell me more >

14. The Full List of BTO Projects Reaching MOP in 2023 

Is it time for these homeowners to sell? Get the list >

13. URA Reveals Housing Plans for the Next 50 Years

How are homes being adapted to address Singapore’s limited land space and climate change? Read the story >

12. A Step-by-Step Guide to Renting Out A Condo

The rental market is a landlord’s dream. Here’s how you can partake in it. Get the guide >

11. A Look Into the Next SERS Project At Ang Mo Kio

This was the talk of the town in April, when it was first announced. Here’s why. Read“> the story >

10. How to Rent HDB Flat Without Property Agent

Foreign couple discussing about HDB Rental in Singapore "

There’s a lot you need to know about renting a home in Singapore, especially if you’re new to the country. Get the guide >

9. 5 HDB Renovations Ideas That Sound Like A Good Idea But Are Actually Illegal

Don’t let your imagination get the best of you. “>Read the story“> >

8. 2 Winners & Losers From The New Cooling Measures

Each measure has a different effect on people – some good, some not-so-good. Tell me more >

7. How Interest Rates Turned the “Sell 1 HDB & Buy 2 Condo” Strategy Into A Debt Trap Nightmare

If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Read the story >

6. The Differences Between BTO, SBF, Open-Booking, and Resale HDB

The Differences Between BTO, SBF, Open-Booking, and Resale Flats

Even HDB owners have a difficult time keeping track of what’s what. Explain it to me >

5. What is Decoupling and How Can It Help You in Buying a Second Property? 

The not-so-secret secret way of avoiding paying the hefty ABSD. Tell me more >

4. Private Property Owners Can Be “Exempted” From the 15-month Waiting Period

There are 3 specific exemptions to this cooling measure. Give me the list >

3. 5 Renovation Regrets That “Seemed Like a Good Idea At First”

“I had brief stints in interior design firms and thought I knew how to make my home beautiful and functional,” Rachael Sia wrote. “I thought I knew it all. But I was so, so wrong.” “>Read the story“> >

2. 4 Things to Consider Before Buying HDB Resale Flat in 2022

Your home-buying journey will go a lot smoother if you get your ducks in a row first. Tell me more >

1. 5 HDB Neighbourhoods to Look Forward To

Upgrades are coming to these towns, and one of them may be your next neighbourhood. Don’t miss out. Read the story >

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