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Most Interesting Person Now: Noah Yap


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Noah Yap

Actor, Host, YouTuber

Instagram: @onlynoah

YouTube: Noah Yap

Noah Yap has come a long way since he was caught in 2016 for drug consumption. The Ah Boys to Men actor was in National Service and in Detention Barracks for nine months.

His career took a serious hit when news of him taking drugs broke out, but after years of struggle, the star is slowly working his way back up the showbiz ladder.

To Noah, the saddest thing in his life wasn’t about losing his freedom in detention barracks or all of his Instagram followers, but watching his parents through a glass window and knowing he was the reason why they were crying.

But he did not let the incident bring him down. Today, Noah raises awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and deters people from going down the same path. We caught up with him recently about his life as an actor, host and YouTuber, and what his real life is like away from the camera.

1. Any insights you can share about your creative process for your videos?

I try to tell the funniest story in the shortest amount of time possible! Whether on Instagram, Tiktok or YouTube, I try my best to keep my videos short, concise yet engaging so that my viewers don’t immediately scroll away. Knowing and understanding the latest trends is also important to stay relevant and improve my work.

2. What’s a normal week like for you when producing your videos?

I save a bunch of TikTok videos on my phone and note down the skeleton outline. Scrolling through to find the latest trends and searching for popular hashtags is important for my workflow. 

I try not to script videos (unless I have to), as I prefer to think on the spot and act out whatever funny ideas or lines that come to mind. I believe that this is an excellent way to train and improve my production skills.

3. Why do you think your brand of comedy resonates with your audience?

I believe people look at my work, enjoy it, and not have to think about it too much. What I hope to get across is that it’s perfectly okay to laugh at yourself. Doing that makes everything else more light-hearted. 

I feel that people nowadays tend to take themselves too seriously. I hope to show my viewers that they can find humour just by looking within. Hopefully, this will allow me to connect with my audience better through these comedies.

4. How did you find your love for comedy and what did you do to get better at it?

My dad is a funny guy, so I guess I inherited that from him. When I started doing my videos and hosting live events earlier in my career, I found happiness by engaging and interacting with my audience both on and off the screen. 

I’ve also been extremely lucky to have worked with legends such as Jack Neo, Mark Lee and Irene Ang. All of them have stellar comedy skills and timing, which allowed me to pick valuable skills and experience while collaborating with them.

5. Is acting and doing Youtube the endgame for you or do you have plans to explore other forms of media/content creation?

Ah Boys to Men has been such a huge blessing in my life and I can’t believe that it’s going to be the 10th anniversary in 2022. I love acting and hosting, so I hope to continue doing so until my body doesn’t allow me anymore. My long term dream is to direct and star in my own comedy show or full-length movie.

6. As a YouTuber, what do you think about real estate agents doing home tour videos?

It’s great that the real estate industry is going online to showcase homes. Maybe one day I can host my own property channel. When the time comes, I bet I’ll be great at selling real homes. Ha!

7. Do you plan on owning a property in Singapore someday? If so, could you describe your dream home?

Of course! I’m absolutely in love with Scandinavian-styled homes. My dream home would have to have a movie/karaoke room, plus a huge balcony for al fresco dining, overlooking the beautiful skyline.

Noah aspires to own a Scandinavian home one day, with a movie/karaoke room and a huge balcony for al fresco dining. Source: MyModernMet

8. Which part of the house do you spend your time in the most and why?

I think I can be considered a stay-home person as I’m in my room 90% of the time. It has everything that I need from working to entertainment with my Nintendo Switch console.

Ah Boys to Men actor and YouTuber Noah Yap spends 90% of his time in his room. It has everything that he needs, from working to entertainment with his Nintendo Switch console.

9. What does home mean to you?

I define home as a place with stability, security, and comfort. It should feel safe and secure, and a place where you experience emotional warmth and feel surrounded by the people you love.

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This article is part of Ohmyhome’s The Most Interesting Person Now series, which features personalities who captivate and engage others with their incredible stories, passions or work. Watch this space for more.

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