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Shine Bright this Deepavali: Essential Home Lighting Tips for a Festival of Lights to Remember

Maelyn Lagman

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In light of the upcoming Deepavali celebrations — *nudge nudge* get it? — I thought we could all talk about how lighting is the most important design feature in your home. 

Ever been to a haunted house? Where it’s dark and creepy and you truly feel like demons are lurking at every corner? And when lights flash indiscriminately, you get a glimpse of ruby-red “blood” gleaming on the walls or a dead body at the corner. 

Well, that lack of light creates a haunting atmosphere as well as natural lighting creates an inviting and peaceful environment. Not to mention, good lighting accentuates the space in your home.

So as you gear up to celebrate the Festival of Lights, here are 5 ways to invite more natural light into your home, along with other tips for better lighting in general.

#1. Wide, open windows 

This isn’t something you can buy, but I included it here as an honourable mention because there’s really no better way to increase the natural light in your home than this. 

Windows are low-key the game-changers when lighting your home.

I live in a corner unit and therefore can open my windows, which overlook quite a panoramic view of the newly-renovated playground. And the amount of light (and air) we get is just amazing. There’s nothing like sliding open a window and letting Mr Sun do its restorative powers to your home, and to your soul.

#2: Drape ‘em up

One key tip with your windows is adding drapes with curtain lining so you can still get ample sunlight while also blocking out the harsh rays. This will also help your drapes fade slower and last longer.

You could also pair a sheer one with opaque drapes so you have more flexibility to choose the amount of privacy and light you want. 

But if your unit is along the corridor, I get it. I’ve lived in a corridor unit before, too, so I know first-hand that while it would be nice to let in natural light, keeping your privacy is paramount. So I get it if you’d rather keep the windows closed. If that’s the case…

#3. Add some ambience instead

Having soft ambient lighting is great for lighting up the entire room while also making the space look more inviting. 

Pick your cove lighting as your focal point, add some recessed downlights, and some wall sconces to accentuate the space. | Ohmyhome Renovations

One of the most common, and trendy, types of ambient lighting you’ll find in Singapore is cove lighting. It will be fitted into a ledge along the ceiling, giving a warm glow to your entire space and creating a relaxing atmosphere all throughout your living space. This is usually paired with recessed downlights, which are also great for task lighting — to brighten up the space even more and help you move around the space easily.

Also, key note: instead of the light bouncing directly down, cove lighting bounces off, indirectly, to the walls. That’s why…

#4: Start with choosing the right wall paint

You should also pay attention to the colours you use for them. It can make or break the lighting in your home. 

Contrary to popular belief, bright white paint won’t reflect more light. It will just make your place look cold.

Lighter (and softer) colours usually do the trick, though you can stay away from straight-on white paint as it can make a space feel cold. Opt for an off-white shade instead, or neutral and earthy tones.

Also, according to experts, you should choose gloss instead of matte paint to get a sheen that will scatter light for the illusion of more space. To create an airy feeling, you can also try painting the ceiling a few shades lighter than your walls. 

#5: Don’t neglect your floors

Who knew floors actually had an effect on home lighting? But it really does. The right flooring can be light-friendly reflectors. These include wooden, laminate, ceramic, and stone floors with a polished finish. 

But the main part about this whole journey is to have fun with it.

Shape your dream space with DreamR

If you want to do a complete makeover for your home, though, we’re here for you too. You can speak to our experienced team of interior designers and contractors via our Live Chat or drop us a message on WhatsApp. Explore DreamR here.

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