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I Want to Sell My HDB Flat, Do I Still Need A Property Agent?

Maelyn Lagman

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Updated: 12 April 2021

In the age of PropTech where property portals and AI-powered mobile applications abound, you’re probably wondering if you still need to engage the services of a real estate agent to sell your HDB flat. Is it possible to successfully handle a home sale with just your smart gadget and the tech savvy to efficiently and accurately complete the HDB selling process online? Let’s find out.

I want to sell my HDB flat, do I still need a property agent?

As much as we’d like to say you and everyone else intending to sell their HDB flat are fully equipped to do so without an HDB Seller Agent, we can’t.


However, we will concede that selling, buying, and renting a home is easier due to the numerous property portals and mobile apps now available in the market.

The Do It Yourself (DIY) HDB selling journey

The DIY concept is popular in Singapore, where PropTech start-ups like Ohmyhome provide technologically advanced products and services to those who want to reclaim their autonomy in their property journey.

With Ohmyhome’s property portals and mobile application, for example, you can complete the whole HDB Seller’s Journey-from posting a home listing to directly communicating with interested buyers-all without engaging the services of a property agent.


But here’s a reality check: That’s not enough to guarantee the successful sale of your HDB flat.

You have to be more than tech-savvy to find the right price and the right buyers for your property

There are more factors involved in selling a property, and it goes beyond having the digital skills to navigate a property portal or mobile application to aid your HDB selling journey. It’s still an important skill to have, especially in this age of tech we’re currently living in, but it’s not enough to guarantee the successful sale of your HDB flat.

So, unless you’re a licensed real estate salesperson with experience in selling an HDB flat or have any background in the industry, we say:

Yes, you still need the help of a property agent to sell your HDB flat

To become a licensed and practicing property agent in Singapore, one would need to dedicate a significant amount of time to studying the ins and outs of real estate. More importantly, one would need to pass the numerous and difficult rounds of real estate salesperson exams. This long and arduous process assures you that the stranger facilitating the sale of your home (which is probably the most valuable and expensive asset you own) is credible and capable of doing so.


Here’s a new question, then: Among the many licensed and practicing property agents in Singapore, who do you choose?

Ohmyhome agents go above and beyond the usual services rendered by others in the market

To engage an Ohmyhome agent is to engage the whole company-they are supported with every resource, service, and people needed to successfully sell your HDB flat.

In short, they can focus on what matters: Selling your HDB flat at the right price and finding the right buyer. And to date, Ohmyhome has assisted more than 8,000 customers in selling, buying, or renting out their homes.

Dive Deeper:

What can you expect when you engage Ohmyhome Agent Services?

After signing an Exclusive Estate Agency Agreement with Ohmyhome, you can expect your HDB selling journey to be simple, fast, and budget-friendly.

Dive Deeper: Property Agent Myth: Non-Exclusive is Better Than Exclusive Estate Agency Agreement

Ohmyhome agents are professional in every step of the word: Not only will they guide you through forms such as the Intent to Sell and Option to Purchase (OTP), but they will also help you fill it up and submit it to the Housing Development Board (HDB) for you. This means you won’t have to worry about filling in the forms wrongly and focus on more important things like estimating your sales proceeds and budgeting for your next home.


You will receive a customised Ohmyhome property market report that shows you the past transactions of similar properties in the area, financial calculations, and timeline planning. More importantly, you’ll obtain the fair market value of your property, which can then initiate the key step to selling your HDB flat-Knowing how to price your property.

Ohmyhome agents can then start implementing an aggressive marketing strategy known for its high success rate in collecting quality leads, with the support of a dedicated marketing team and smart digital tools. This strategy includes posting the listing of your HDB flat on the Ohmyhome portal, where agents can tap into a database of over 175,000 active users.


To further simplify the process for you, Ohmyhome agents will take care of arranging and conducting the home viewings, as well as negotiations with potential buyers, to save you from sacrificing your time away from your daily responsibilities.

Through all these services, previous HDB sellers who engaged Ohmyhome Agent Services saw their homes sold within an average of 60 days-the fastest transaction being just one day-while remaining stress-free throughout the process. Better yet, they only paid a fixed agent’s fee equivalent to the services rendered by their agent and the value of their home. This transparency is often rare in the real estate industry, especially when it comes to agents’ fees and commissions.

Sell your HDB flat simply, quickly, and affordably with an Ohmyhome agent.

Find the right HDB Seller Agent for you.

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