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How to Transform your Home into a 24/7 Resort Staycation


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Don’t you wish you can come home to a tranquil sanctuary after a long, hard day at work? If you’re feeling a little rundown from the ever-bustling Singapore life, you’re not alone. According to a survey by Signa, a staggering 92% of Singaporeans are stressed out from work, beating the international average of 84% by a longshot.

Seeing as we could all use a much-needed break, why don’t we start with transforming our homes into a relaxing permanent retreat – without any expensive renovation work necessary.

Invest in good quality sheets


Recreate that blissful feeling of sinking into luxurious, hotel sheets by investing in good quality bed linen! Try to abide by the golden rule all good hotels stick to which is using only white or off-white sheets, with a thread count of 200 and over. These light, airy colours are calming to the eye than harsher hues and will make you feel you’ve just checked in at a relaxing retreat.

Light up some scented candles

Not only do they cast that signature spa-like, golden glow when lit, scented candles also give off an aroma that can instantly rejuvenate the senses and loosen those knots. Bright side? For all its benefits, these candles don’t cost a pretty penny and can run anywhere from $4.90 (Ikea) to $39 (Yankee Candle). Be sure not to leave those candles unattended to avoid any fire-related mishaps.

Stick to an earthy colour palette


This goes for the colour of your walls down to the fabric and furniture. Achieve the ultimate feel of a coastal resort with white or neutral (eg. beige, taupe, light brown) walls. Earthy decor and wooden accents such as wicker chairs and woven pieces contrast beautifully against a neutral backdrop. After all, this colour palette is favoured by the most relaxing island retreats for a reason. See your home transform to a tranquil haven in a jiff.

Install blackout curtains

Sometimes the best solution truly is the simplest. Shut out any unwanted light with blackout curtains and you’ll wonder how you managed to get a good night’s sleep without them in the first place. These curtains are not only for those sensitive to light. If you want to get that coveted 5-star hotel sleep, here’s the secret ingredient.

Create a mini zen corner


If all else fails, you can simply transform the quietest area in the home as your designated zen corner. Decorate the space with cozy pillows, blankets, candles, and indoor plants to get the space ready for some well-deserved pampering. Bonus tip: crank up a meditation playlist to be completely transported.

We weren’t lying when we said transforming your home into a permanent vacay doesn’t take an expensive renovation. With these small yet effective touches, our homes can become a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – no late checkout requests required.

Source: TodayOnline

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