How to Sell Your HDB Flat in 3 Weeks with the Right Property Agent

Maelyn Lagman

In a country with over 31,000 registered property agents, finding the right one to sell your HDB flat can be a difficult process. Who do you choose? And how do you determine if he/she is a good fit for you?

Mrs Bin, a previous client from Ohmyhome, shares her experience looking for a property agent and how she eventually settled on one. 

“Within one week, my Ohmyhome agent arranged the first viewing. And by the third week, the OTP was signed and the deal was sealed. He’s amazing!”

-Mrs Bin, HDB seller & Ohmyhome client

How this HDB seller decided to engage a property agent from Ohmyhome

Mrs Bin was looking to sell her HDB flat in 2016 when she saw Ohmyhome in the newspaper. The advertisement was talking about our flat fee agent services, which was unheard of at the time.

“I compared the fees with agents from elsewhere,” Mrs Bin said. She had seen some flyers of agents from other real estate agencies in Singapore. “If I DIY or engage other agents, I have to pay 1-2% commission.” 

At Ohmyhome, she could pay a fixed price, starting from $2,888. It was more affordable than the usual market rate, she realised, and could mean savings of up to tens of thousands of dollars.

There were other things plaguing her mind about Ohmyhome’s agent services, however.

Mrs Bin said: “Some of my initial concerns about engaging Ohmyhome’s services were whether my property would be given adequate marketing exposure to potential buyers. What other incentives will they provide? Is the agent’s service professional?”

She didn’t have to wait long to get her answers. “Within one week, my Ohmyhome agent arranged the first viewing. And by the third week, the OTP was signed and the deal was sealed. He’s amazing!”

The speed with which her HDB flat was sold took her by surprise as she sang high praises for the agent’s level of competency, knowledge and, more importantly, his warm and personable character. “That, out of everything, really touched me,” she said.

What else do HDB sellers look for in a property agent?

In order to understand what other factors may convince other HDB sellers to engage a property agent, we sent out a survey to our database and received responses from over 50 people, 82% of whom were HDB sellers. 

Here’s what they shared, in terms of the factors that they take into account before engaging a property agent:

“The property agent must charge a competitive commission fee.”

“Must have sold units at prices above the market rate.”

“Should be able to do nice marketing (photos and videos) for his/her clients.”

To put it plainly, HDB sellers are looking for agents with an affordable commission fee, good quality of service, proven track record of successful transactions and an effective marketing strategy.

If this strikes a chord with you, do message us in the chat box below. We’ll be happy to connect you with one of our property agents, who ticks all of those boxes and more. You’ll find our 8,000+ 4-star reviews on Facebook and Google. You can also download the Ohmyhome app on App Store and Google Play to check all of our agents’ verified listings and marketing efforts. 

Get a free home e-valuation report, complete with market trend analysis and past transactions in your area. 

For more queries, message us in the chat box below or WhatsApp us at 9755 9283.

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