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How HDB & Private Property Developers In Singapore Are Practicing Sustainability


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Thanks to advancements in landscaping and property design, both private developments and HDBs are incorporating more greenery and sustainable features into their designs, making it more accessible than ever for Singaporeans to live in a community with plenty of lush greenery and nature right on their doorstep.

The Singapore government has long prioritized sustainability in all future developments, as evident in the URA Master Plan and initiatives such as the Green Mark Scheme, which encourages industry professionals to develop more sustainable building solutions.

Since the pandemic, many have also found their green thumbs — buying and taking care of their “plant children” at home as a healthy and enjoyable pastime. This trend is accompanied by  a rise in popularity of eco-friendly living among more and more Singaporeans, with a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability practices.

Let’s take a closer look at the top new private property developments in Singapore leading the way in incorporating significant green initiatives into their designs. 

1. Terra Hill

Address: Yew Siang Road

Developer: Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments

Type of Development/ Tenure: Condominium/ Freehold

District/ Planning Area: District 05

Launch Date :  25 Feb 2023 

Terra Hill, developed jointly by Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments, is a condominium located in District 5, Singapore. Its proximity near Pasir Panjang MRT station offers easy accessibility for travel around the city, while its proximity to Mapletree’s business park makes commuting to and from work a breeze.

Sentosa is just a 14-minute drive away – providing residents with access to world-class theme parks and entertainment options. The convenient location of Terra Hill makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a desirable lifestyle in one of Singapore’s most sought-after areas.  

Terra Hill’s sustainable and green living features are equally as noteworthy: Firstly, all air conditioners in the property have the highest rating with an Energy Efficiency Rating of 5 Ticks by The National Environment Agency (NEA), which is basically the gold standard of being energy efficient and for responsible energy consumption. 

Terra Hill also features EV charging stations in the car park. Residents with EV and hybrid cars now have a reliable and convenient charging solution right on their doorstep. This doesn’t just promote the use of eco-friendly vehicles but greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the property. Solar panels are also integrated within the development to offset energy consumption in common areas, further promoting energy efficiency.

The property also prioritizes the health and well-being of its residents by using finishes that are both Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) rated and low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission rated. Thus reducing residents’ exposure to harmful chemicals – which makes for a healthier and more sustainable environment.

2. Copen Grand EC @ Tengah

Address: Tengah Town 

Developer: Taurus Properties SG Pte. Ltd. (A joint venture between City Developments Limited and MCL Land)

Type of Development/ Tenure: Executive Condominium/ 99-year leasehold

District/ Planning Area: 24/ Tengah/ Lim Chu Kang

Expected Completion:  2027

Copen Grand sets the new standard for sustainability in the executive condominium market with being the first ever EC to have earned the prestigious Green Mark Platinum Award from the BCA.

One of the standout features of Copen Grand is the abundance of greenery that surrounds the development. But it’s not just about aesthetics – the property also boasts sustainable features.

Copen Grand harnesses solar power to provide partial energy replacement for its many clubhouses, function rooms, and even the swimming pool and gym. Additionally, the development has a good number of EV charging stations and bicycle lots, encouraging residents to maintain a carbon-lite and fuel-easy lifestyle.

The incorporation of smart technologies in the home also allows for effortless monitoring of energy usage. With Smart Power Monitoring, households can also easily keep track of their energy consumption, making it easier to adjust and reduce their overall energy usage. 

Read our review of Copen Grand EC here.

3. Tembusu Grand 

Address: Tanjong Katong Road

Developer: CDL Triton Pte. Ltd (City Developments Ltd)

Type of Development/ Tenure: Condominium/ 99-year leasehold

District/ Planning Area: District 15

Launch Date: March 2023

Tucked away in the serene enclave of Tanjong Katong and East Coast, the project offers a unique living experience with unobstructed sea views thanks to its location amongst the low-rise residential areas and the lush surrounding greenery.

Tembusu Grand is also a project that’s also committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Passive Cool Design Architecture

With good unit design obtaining an overall close to 80% true cross-ventilation, and grille gates provided for all units at the entrance to allow cross ventilation, residents can enjoy a breeze of fresh air all year round.

Energy-efficient Equipment & Monitoring

Tembusu Grand also incorporate energy-efficient equipment and monitoring systems, including the use of LED fittings to achieve over 60% energy savings, a five-ticks energy rating for air conditioning units, and efficient lighting and air conditioning control for common area facilities. 

Renewable Energy

Additionally, the property embraces renewable energy through the use of photovoltaic panels that contribute to offsetting 30% of the energy consumption of the clubhouse, function room, swimming pool, gym, and MCST office. The development also features six active EV charging infrastructure stations, further supporting the shift toward sustainable transportation. 

Read our review of Tembusu Grand here.

HDB’s Commitment to Greener Urban Design For Residents

Aside from private developments, the Housing Development Board (HDB)also has been making significant strides in this area, leading the charge with cutting-edge innovative solutions for households throughout the entire island. 

With over 80% of residents living in public housing, the government’s commitment to sustainable urban design has a significant impact on the quality of life for residents country-wide.

The Green Towns Program

The Green Towns Program is a 10-year plan that aims to make HDB towns more sustainable and liveable. The program seeks to reduce energy consumption in HDB towns by 15% from 2020’s levels by 2030. 

The Green Plan 2030 includes initiatives such as:

  • 50% more land for nature parks
  • A greener MRT commute
  • Expanding the cycling network to 360km by 2030
  • Deploying five times more solar energy by 2030
  • Greening 80% of buildings by 2030
  • 8 EV-Ready Towns with chargers at all HDB carparks by 2025

HDB is also introducing a new generation of public housing where residents live in an environment closer to nature. Singapore’s first eco-town, Punggol has helped to significantly reduce energy and water consumption and improve recycling rates. Between 2010 and 2018, household energy consumption in Punggol fell by 18.8 percent, according to HDB.

The Next Green Town in the Spotlight: Tengah ‘Forest Town’

A more recent and upcoming shining example of HDB’s green town efforts is Tengah, with many firsts, including being the first HDB town to have centralized cooling, automated trash collection, and a car-free town center. 

First Public Housing Development With Centralised Cooling

This cutting-edge technology uses chilled water generated from highly energy-efficient chiller plants to produce cool air for homes. Chiller units are linked together for improved efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted supply even during maintenance.

The Plantation, Garden, and Park districts in Tengah will be the first public housing township to experience the benefits of centralized cooling. 

Solar Photovoltaic System

While it is Singapore’s goal to reach an ambitious 2 gigawatt-peak solar capacity by 2030, we are a small country faced with limited land for solar farms. Tengah also features solar photovoltaic systems, maximizing the limited space available by deploying both conventional and vertical solar panels. (known as building-integrated photovoltaics, BIPV). Tengah will likely have the largest aggregated installation of BIPV in Singapore when fully developed.

Smart Waste Management System

Tengah will feature not one but two innovative waste disposal systems working together in harmony. 

HDB’s Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System first efficiently collects household waste out of sight via an underground pipe network. Then the Smart Waste Management System then converts this waste to thermal energy, reducing carbon emissions by avoiding waste transportation and incineration. 

Through this system, Tengah residents will contribute to a zero-waste future and a more sustainable Singapore.

Your Dream Eco-Home Awaits 

Private developers and HDB are increasingly integrating eco-friendly features into their projects to cater to the growing demand for sustainable housing.

At Ohmyhome, we understand the importance of finding a home that not only meets your needs but also aligns with your values. Our team of experienced real estate agents is committed to helping you find the perfect eco-friendly home that suits your lifestyle and budget.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, from search to close, ensuring your experience is a stress-free and seamless one. Contact us via WhatsApp or chat with us on our website today to start your journey today!

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