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How Can Homer AI Match You With 20 Genuine Buyers Before You Sell Your Property?

Maelyn Lagman

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Looking to sell your resale HDB flat or condo but worried about whether you’ll find potential buyers who are interested in your property? Let Homer AI by Ohmyhome help you out. Discover who your potential buyers are, when they intend to move in, and their budget before you even list your property for sale. Here’s how it works:

Introducing MATCH on Homer AI

We developed an algorithm called MATCH which aggregates different profiles into a qualified buyer pool who are then sent property listings that match their specified preferences. (They have to fill up this form.) Only those with a valid HDB Flat Eligibility (HLE) letter or an In-Principle Approval (IPA) from the bank are sent property listings, to ensure that sellers like you only deal with genuine buyers. 

How MATCH on Homer AI by Ohmyhome works

Now, all you have to do as a seller is sign up for Homer AI

Homer-AI-Banner_650x380px-2048x1218 (1)

On Homer AI, you’ll find a list of potential buyers who were matched to your listing, along with other property market dashboards that will aid you in your selling journey. 

There are about 100,000+ potential buyers in our MATCH database, and about 20 potential buyers are matched with a property listing on average. 

How does this help you?

Buyers and sellers shake hand

#1: Sell your home quicker

Having a pool of interested buyers can significantly expedite your home-selling process. Instead of waiting for enquiries to trickle in after listing your property, you can proactively engage with potential buyers who have already expressed interest through Homer AI’s matchmaking system. This proactive approach not only saves time but also increases your chances of securing a favorable deal.

#2: Get greater negotiating power

Furthermore, having a list of potential buyers gives you greater negotiating power. By knowing the preferences and budgets of interested parties upfront, you can tailor your marketing strategies and pricing accordingly. 

What else can you find on Homer AI?

3 f​inancial calculators

3 financial calculators by Homer AI: cash proceeds calculator, affordability calculator, mortgage calculator

With Homer AI, you can get an estimate of your potential cash proceeds, your affordability for your next home purchase, and your viable home loan amount and monthly mortgage payments. 

Property market dashboards

Property market dashboard on Homer AI by Ohmyhome

Property market dashboard on Homer AI by Ohmyhome.

You’ll be able to find a summary of past property transactions that you can understand at a glance, comprising data such as the average sale price of homes sold within 1km of your property, within your cluster, and your block; the most recent transaction of the month; and the lowest and highest transaction price in your area. 

Dashboard of past sale transactions on Homer AI by Ohmyhome
Dashboard of past rental transactions on Homer AI by Ohmyhome

Past sale and rental transactions on Homer AI by Ohmyhome.

For an in-depth review of all the past resale and rental transactions, you can also browse through multiple pages of data from HDB, URA, and property listing portals. Not only can you look at the market trends from the past six months, but you can also see how property prices are moving more recently. 

HomerGPT, our version of ChatGPT but for Singapore property

Homer AI is also powered by gen AI which allows you to get an answer to all your property-related questions instantly. Instead of having to perform manual research and analysis on, let’s say, where you should move after selling your home, you can simply ask HomerGPT (a feature you can find in Homer AI), “What are the top 10 new launch condos for sale that I can afford upon selling my home?”. Within minutes, HomerGPT will provide you with a list of the specific projects that are worth your consideration.

With Homer AI’s cutting-edge technology and intuitive features, sellers can leverage the power of data-driven insights to attract qualified buyers and expedite the selling process. 

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a brighter future in real estate with Homer AI by your side.

Let the professionals negotiate the best price for you

Property agent speaking to a couple

Our property agents can help you contact all your buyer matches, arrange viewings, and negotiate the best selling price on your behalf. You’ll also be assisted by a dedicated Relationship Manager throughout the whole transaction process.

Drop us a message on WhatsApp to book an appointment or chat with us on our Live Chat at the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen.

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