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Home at Last: Buy Your Rental HDB Flat With the Tenants’ Priority Scheme (TPS)


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Written by: Rita Magallona

Many HDB flat rental tenants become homeowners. On average, about 600 rental tenants have bought their dream homes each year. The HDB provides subsidised public rental flats to Singapore citizen families who have no family support and cannot afford to own a flat.

Over time, tenants who are financially stable can consider buying an HDB flat, while tapping various CPF housing grants and schemes.

If you have been renting a flat from HDB for at least two years, and are looking to buy a flat, you can apply for a 2-room Flexi and 3-room BTO and SBF flats set aside under the Tenants’ Priority Scheme.

With the Tenants’ Priority Scheme (TPS), owning a home is easier to achieve.

What Is the Tenants’ Priority Scheme?

The TPS is a priority scheme that gives tenants of HDB rentals a chance to buy their own flats.

The scheme allocates 10% of 2-room Flexi and 3-room Build-to-Order/Sale of Balance Flats (BTO/SBF) units in a new project. This allocation can also be given to applicants for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) and other applicants affected by the Government’s relocation, resettlement, or redevelopment programmes.

Do You Qualify to Buy Your Own Flat Under the TPS?

Here are some two eligibility conditions you need to keep in mind:

1. Are you a first-timer or a second-timer applicant?

In its earlier versions, the TPS was open only to first-timer applicants. But the HDB has ruled that second-timers may apply from the May 2016 sales exercise and later.

2. How long must you be renting?

Not very long. You and your family must have been residing in an HDB public rental for at least two years for you to qualify for the priority scheme.

What Are You Waiting for?

The requirements aren’t that much, are they? So, here’s your chance to finally purchase your own home. In fact, from 2013 to 2018, about 3,000 have already availed of this scheme and are living in their own flats.

Will you be next? If you’re eligible, you can also apply for a BTO or SBF flat under the Third Child Priority Scheme or the Married Child Priority Scheme.

Visit hdb.gov.sg for more information on HDB priority schemes. 

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