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Get These 7 Things for a Cutting-Edge Smart Home


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Ever dream of living in a home that basically runs itself? Smart home products can turn that into reality. Forgot to turn off the lights? Turn them off using your smartphone. Not sure if you locked the door? Tap on the app.

With the plethora of smart home products available, which do you really need for a cutting-edge smart home?

Worry no more with these 7 smart home essentials that help you save time and money.

1. Smart speaker | $298/$169

Despite the unassuming name, the smart speaker is the control centre of your smart home. Otherwise known as a smart home hub, this device connects to all your other compatible smart home devices and enables you to control them all through a single app.


The two top smart speakers are Google Home (Google Assistant) and Amazon Echo Dot (Alexa). With either of these, you can channel your inner Tony Stark and issue voice commands to any of your networked appliances. “Jarvis, make me coffee.”

2. Wi-Fi smart plug | $29.90

Would you like to keep your non-smart appliances? Even if your current appliances can’t be connected to Google Assistant or Alexa, you can still turn them on and off through a smart plug.


Not only can you remotely turn them on or off via voice or app command, you can also schedule these commands ahead of time.

3. Wi-Fi security camera | $143.84

One of the hallmarks of a smart home is unparalleled security. Thanks to 24/7 monitoring, you would know what’s going on in your house wherever you are, in real time. Wi-Fi security cameras could link to your phone via an app that lets you view what is happening in the house from wherever you are.


What’s more, some of these camera systems can be linked to Alexa or Google Assistant.

4. Smart door locks | $888

For an added layer of security, consider getting the latest smart door locks, which can be opened by fingerprint, security code, or mobile app. Unlike traditional keys, biometrics and codes offer better protection from thieves.


Some smart locks also have features like a temperature-sensitive alarm that automatically unlocks the door in case of a fire, so you can easily reach safety.

5. Smart TV | $1,199

You can now watch your favourite shows on demand through smart TVs that can access the internet. Interested in the latest news? These nifty TVs can be linked to Google Assistant, Alexa, or other digital assistants, allowing them to respond with information on current events and the weather.


6. Smart lighting | $350

Smart lights come with a controller linked to other smart home platforms. This is more than just being able to turn the lights on and off on command.


Not only can you dim the lights, but you can also change the colours or sync them with movies or games. Watching movies at home just got better!

7. Smart aircon controller | $119

An aircon controller enables you to adjust, schedule, and monitor the settings of the air conditioner units in your home. This aircon controller works on all A/Cs that have a remote control. What’s more, it could be paired with Google Assistant and Alexa, integrating it into your smart home control hub.


With the aircon controller, you can do simple tweaks that will help you save on your monthly electric bill. Not only that, it uses your phone’s location to turn on your A/C when you’re approaching home, and turns it off when you leave. How’s that for a smart home?

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