Client Success Story: “Exceeded all expectations” | Ting Li, Landlord


Owning a rental property has plenty of benefits, like earning passive income, but first-timers may not be so sure about the rental process and timeline. Ting Li and her husband can relate: “We’re first-time landlords, so we needed a lot of advice on when was the best time to put it up [for rent].”

They were going to relocate soon and decided to rent out the executive condominium (EC) that Ting Li has had for about four years in Sengkang. That was when she remembered Ohmyhome.

“I first knew of Ohmyhome when I was helping my parents look for a flat for purchase,” she shared. “That was when I first encountered the Ohmyhome app.”

“We didn’t expect the whole process to be so painless. Three very simple words from my experience with Ohmyhome: exceeded all expectations. I got more than I expected.”

– Ting Li, Ohmyhome customer, First-time landlord

Ting Li is an award-winning sound designer, known for her work on Robomax, In the House of Straw and Banting. We spoke to her recently and she shared her experience as a first-time landlord with Ohmyhome.

What made you decide to rent out your property?

We were relocating in December, so we decided to rent out our home. It’s an EC in Sengkang that I got in January 2018, so it’s roughly four years old. As first-time landlords, we needed a lot of advice on what to expect, all the procedures and what the time frame was like.

How did you find out about Ohmyhome?

My first contact with Ohmyhome was when I was helping my parents to find a flat for purchase. Although their final purchase wasn’t for a property listed with the company, we were amazed by how fast they were to arrange viewings with the owners.

The relationship with Ohmyhome continued when they got in touch with free home insurance and referral plans. Through these communications, I’ve always felt I was in good, professional hands. So it was a no-brainer decision to work with Ohmyhome when I had property needs myself.

“It was only in the market for 2 days. We have our Super Agent to thank because he was the one who told us to rent it at higher than market price because he knew there was demand in the area.”

– Ting Li, Ohmyhome customer, First-time landlord

What was the rental process like?

We contacted Ohmyhome in October 2021 and met our Super Agent. We were looking to rent it out in December, but our agent advised us to put it up in November. Being first-time homeowners, we followed his advice and it was rented out in two days.

We have our Super Agent to thank because he was the one who told us to rent it at higher than market price because he knew there was demand in the area. There was about a $300 difference from my expected price.

How did you feel after renting out your property quickly and at a higher price?

We were like, “WOW!”, you know? We were pleasantly surprised when he came back to us with two offers in just two days. It exceeded all my expectations. And if I could describe my Super Agent in three words, it would be prompt, knowledgeable and friendly.

Would you recommend Ohmyhome to your friends?

If someone asked me if I would recommend Ohmyhome, I would say: Absolutely! Just give them a call regarding anything and they will sort you out.

Are you a first-time landlord like Ting Li, considering to rent out your property? Experience the same seamless, fast and exceptional service from our Super Agents. Chat with us at the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen. Or WhatsApp us at +65 9727 5270 to get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I DIY my property transaction?

Yes, you can DIY 100% for free or engage our services and pay only when the service is completed. There is no upfront costs or hidden fees. Download the Ohmyhome app on App Store or Google Play now.

2. If I just need property documentation services, how much do I pay in fees?

If you only need documentation services, you pay a lower fee of only $1688.

3. What property services are available on Ohmyhome’s mobile app?

Apart from listing your property for sale for direct contact with potential buyers, you can also enquire about mortgage, conveyancing and renovation services.

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