What Are the Primary Schools Near Me? | 1km and 2km Interactive Map


Ohmyhome presents an interactive map for you to find the nearest primary schools within 1km and 2km of your home! Simply enter your postal code and we’ll list all the schools near you.

Breaking Down the Primary School Registration Process: Phase 1, Phase 2A (1), Phase 2A (2), Phase 2B, and Phase 2C

Watch the video below for more information on the advantages of living near the primary school of your and your children’s choice and the Primary 1 Registration process.

Click any of the timestamps below to jump to a specific section:

00:00 – Intro

00:41 – Ep 1 Does where I live really matter?

00:56 – MOE’s Primary school registration exercise

01:23 – Basic requirements

01:35 – Balloting process

01:47 – Phase 1 breakdown

02:03 – Phase 2A(1) breakdown

02:10 – Phase 2A(2) breakdown

02:16 – Phases 2B and 2C

02:41 – Ballot to volunteer

03:04 – Move, or stay?

03:10 – Choose to stay

03:25 – Choose to move

03:40 – Buy, or rent?

04:02 – Choose to buy (private housing)

04:15 – Choose to buy (public housing)

04:28 – Choose to rent

04:34 – Case study

04:58 – What to do if balloting has failed?

05:39 – Look into alternatives

05:55 – Risks & helpful tips to prevent these risks

06:23 – Go online to check the under of placements allocated for that phase

06:33 – Engage an agent

06:36 – Strike a compromise with the landlord (if you are renting)

07:00 – Do what works for you and your family

07:36 – Conclusion

Let Ohmyhome assist you in finding a property near the best primary schools

To make a more informed decision on what is possibly the biggest purchase of your life, we suggest speaking to a professional. Drop us a message on WhatsApp or on our Live Chat at the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen, and we’ll be in touch with you in less than 3 minutes.

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