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Which is the Best Type of HDB for Your Family?


The real estate industry is changing over time. Despite all the changes, certain policies are being set to aid all potential applicants, especially when it comes to an HDB resale in Singapore. These have been placed to provide a wide opportunity for anyone to have a chance to buy an HDB flat.

Ultimately, this begs the question: “What is the best kind of HDB flat for your family to settle in?” There are different types of families living in the society today. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to buying their ideal home.

Thankfully, we’re here to help you out. Here are the types of HDB units for you and your family to consider.

2-Room Flexi Flat

These flats are one of the most standard types of HDB unit in Singapore. You may, in fact, know it as a “studio apartment.” Because of their commonality, singles, couples without children, and the elderly opt to choose this kind of flat due to their affordability and availability throughout the market.

For this flat, it comes equipped with at least two rooms: a bedroom and a bathroom. It also comes with a kitchen (which also doubles as a dining area) and a small storage unit to make way for your storage. It’s floor area is approximately 36 to 45 square metres, making it suitable for one or two people.

3-Room Flat

Ranging from 60-65 square metres, this kind of flat adds more space to your needs and is just as affordable as its two-room counterpart. Its cosy and ideal size makes it one of the standard homes anyone can avail for.

This flat has two bedrooms: a master bedroom with an attached bathroom and a common room. It also has a common bathroom, a kitchen, a living area, a dining area, a service yard, and a storage unit. Essentially, this space is perfect for couples, who want to have more space within their homes.

Best Types of HDB for your family

4-Room Flats

This is the kind of flat that’s best suited for medium-sized families. With its area of over 90 square metres, people occupying this unit will be able to experience the comfort they crave for, while maintaining their strong bond with one another.

This flat has at least three bedrooms, an attached bathroom for the master bedroom, a common bathroom, a living/dining area, a service yard, and an appropriately-sized storage unit for your family’s needs.

5-Room Flats

The 5-room flats also suit medium to large-sized families, with its offerings of a much bigger space compared to the 4-room flats. It has an area of at least 110 square metres, which bigger families will surely appreciate for it will allow them to move more freely, giving them room to do various indoor activities.

Much like the 4-room variant, this flat comes with 3 bedrooms, an attached bathroom for the master bedroom, a common bathroom, a kitchen, a living and dining area, a service yard, and an appropriately-sized storage unit.

Three-Generation Flats

As most families in Singapore usually live with multiple generations on either side of their family, their numbers are an essential factor to consider when you’re looking for an ideal place to reside in. Luckily, multi-generational HDB units were introduced in 2013. These kinds of flats are slightly bigger than 5-Room flats with a floor area of 1115 square metres and are sure to guarantee your family a comfortable and cosy experience.

This flat has four bedrooms, two attached bathrooms, a common bathroom, a living and dining area, a kitchen, a service yard, and a common storage unit for the family’s storage needs.

Key Takeaway

Your family’s comfort and convenience remain the key factors in finding an ideal place to call home. This place should enable you and your family members to relax, play around, and gather not only during special occasions, but during regular days as well.

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