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Ohmyhome helps you maximize your returns on your property with expert advice and negotiation. Plus, at a low 1% commission fee, you get to keep more profits in your pocket.

Always By Your Side, Always On Your Side


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Buying, selling, renting or leasing a home are big decisions prompted by necessity or big life changes. You could be a newlywed committing to your first home where your new life with your partner begins. Soon, that new life will expand with the birth of your first child. Then maybe another, and another… And the prospect of moving homes so your children are closer to your school becomes a new reality. 

Fast forward 20 to 30 years later when those kids have become adults, moved out, gotten married or living a bachelor lifestyle: you are now an empty-nester, right-sizing to a cosier home.

At each of those stages, needs change and priorities shift. And who will be there for you through it all? None other than Ohmyhome. 

This year, our company-wide campaign and tagline, “Always by your side, Always on your side” aims to let you know that at Ohmyhome, we are here to support you with any of your property needs at any stage of your life.

At Ohmyhome, we are here to support you with any of your property needs at any stage of your life.

This is aligned with our goal to establish Ohmyhome as the most trusted and comprehensive property solution for everyone by bringing speed, ease and reliability to property-related services.

We kicked off the campaign with radio ads on all the major stations in Singapore, sharing what our customers think of their experience with us. There are also several TV commercials and online ads, to be rolled out throughout the year, that pinpoint different scenarios where having someone trustworthy and knowledgeable about the process of buying, selling, renting or leasing a property to help you out makes all the difference. It positions Ohmyhome at their moment in need to be the solution and service provider that’s ready to help you at any time. 

Ohmyhome co-founder and CEO Rhonda Wong shared, “I had the privilege recently to speak with some clients who shared their experiences, mainly the pain points, prior to engaging Ohmyhome. First-time home sellers shared that they find the process overwhelming and complicated and that the information given by their previous agents was not transparent. Such experiences, as they’ve shared, are still common, which is why Ohmyhome exists, to fill those gaps.”

At any stage of your life, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, a never-done-this-before tenant or a hopeful landlord, Ohmyhome aims to meet your needs — wherever, whenever — with our technology platform, combined with experienced agents and a dedicated operations team who ensure that you are guided by trustworthy professionals every step of the way.

“To ensure that our customers are receiving transparent and reliable information, we leverage on property data and reports that are easily accessible on our website. And with our technology, we have been able to shorten property transactions speed to three times that of the market average, while consistently achieving optimal pricing for property transactors,” said Ohmyhome co-founder and CPO Race Wong. 

“When it comes to a home transaction, which is not an easy journey for our customers, we are always by their side to render help and support whenever they need us.”

Race Wong, Ohmyhome co-founder and CPO

With the “Always by your side, always on your side” campaign, we return to the core of who we are doing this for and why Ohmyhome started in the first place: To be there for you, our customers. To support you and assist you in one of the most important journeys you’ll take in life.

“Our customers have always been the main reason Ohmyhome exists,” said Race. “This tagline naturally brought all our teams together and be on the same page as our customers. When it comes to a home transaction, which is not an easy journey for our customers, we are always by their side to render help and support whenever they need us. And when it comes to negotiations, trust us, we are always on their side, thats what we do best anyway.”

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