7 Reasons Why Singapore Has the Best Healthcare in the World



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COVID-19 has caused over a billion people to go into lockdown or quarantine. These public health measures are known by different names such as the movement controls orders in Malaysia and the recent circuit breaker measures in Singapore, but they have all brought the world to a standstill. This new virus spreads incredibly quickly between people, and due to its novelty, no one has any immunity.

Despite the increasing number of cases in the country, the World Health Organization (WHO) praises Singapore’s containment of COVID-19 outbreak. The WHO’s chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that other countries should follow Singapore’s example of handling the outbreak.

We couldn’t agree more! COVID-19 only highlighted why Singapore has the best healthcare in the world.

In the book Singapore’s Health Care System, the authors highlighted the transformation of Singapore’s healthcare system into one of the best in the world.

7 Reasons Why Singapore Has The Best Healthcare in the World

  1. Healthcare is accessible and convenient for all
  2. Singapore hospitals set exemplary standards of healthcare, not only in curative medicine but also in prevention.
  3. There has been a decrease in the infant mortality rate (Imr) from 26/1,000 live births 50 years ago to 2/1,000 live births.
  4. In the past 50 years, average life expectancy has increased from 64 years to 83 years.
  5. Singapore has established a trusted medicine brand recognised internationally, drawing patients from all over the world.
  6. The healthcare financing framework makes healthcare affordable and sustainable
  7. A unified system enables the portability of medical records across healthcare institutions.

An in-depth analysis by Medical Tourism in Singapore shows that the country receives 500,000 medical tourists each year. More than half of medical tourists are from Indonesia, approximately 250,000 each year.

Medical tourism’s success in Southeast Asia is attributed to its strong base of Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited healthcare centres – considered the gold standard in healthcare and patient safety. Currently Singapore has 21 JCI accredited centres. Not only that, Singapore’s healthcare system remains competitive compared to the US.

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Sources: Valuechampion.sg, Advisory.com, Vox.com, The Straits Times, TODAY, Singapore Business Review, Bloomberg

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Find out how to transact your home during this period

Buying or selling your property during COVID-19?

Find out how to transact your home during this period

Buying or selling your property during COVID-19?


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Consult an expert for free!

Send us your details and we’ll be in touch within 15 min (daily 9am to 9pm GMT +8).


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