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7 Tips for Harmonious HDB Living


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The HDB neighbourhood is an area of solitude for families coming from different backgrounds and cultures to co-exist altogether. It is a safe haven that nurtures multiculturalism- a positive trait that we are very proud of. We should do our part to maintain the harmony while living in HDB and keeping the kampong spirit alive.

1. Know your neighbours

If you are moving into a new place, make sure you take time to introduce yourself to the old man next door or to the middle-aged couple you always share the elevator with. A genuine smile and simple “Good morning!” makes a huge difference.

2. Assist your neighbours

Assisting your neighbours isn’t all about difficult tasks. It could be as simple as looking out for their property while they are away or on vacation. You could also assist them in bringing up their groceries and shopping bags, or simply holding the elevator door while they enter or alight. It could be anything really; for sure, your neighbours will appreciate any help that you can offer.

3. Keep noise at minimum level

As much as possible, keep noise at a minimum. Don’t watch TV on high volume or play loud music especially after 10pm. In case you are planning to do some DIY projects, be sure to do it outside of resting hours (between 8am to 9pm).

4. Be a responsible pet owner


Each and every pet owner has their own responsibilities in making sure their pets are being cared for. But you must not forget to be also be considerate towards your neighbours, who live in close proximity to your home. Here are some simple guidelines you have to follow to be a responsible pet owner and neighbour: Ensure to always clean up after your furry friend Keep then well groomed at all times to avoid spreading any unpleasant smell within the floor If you’re bringing them out to public places, put a leash on them at all times. Be mindful of your pet(s) so they won’t end up disturbing your neighbours.

5. Partake in activities in your community

Be involved in cultural and sporting events held in your neighbourhood. Watch out for announcements in your block or elevator. Try not to shy away from them as these are the perfect times for you get acquianted with your neighbours (if you haven’t had a chance yet).

6. Volunteer!

Volunteering with your neighbours is one sure way for all of you to really get to know each other. Plus, it will present you an opportunity to make your HDB living experience worthwhile. Essentially, you can pick the charity or the organisation you want to help out. However, if you want to really have some impact on your neighbourhood, then perhaps becoming a Grassroots Volunteer is the perfect choice for you.

7. Properly manage neighbour disputes

HDB Singapore Harmonious living manage disputes

Having some neighbour disputes is sometimes inevitable. But don’t fret, because there are a couple of things you can do in order to resolve them. *

  • Approach your neighbour appropriately
    don’t confront them when you are angry or when they are busy to avoid escalating the misunderstanding
  • Be polite and calm– remember not to lose your temper. You will be able to sort things out better and easier.
  • Say “Thank you”– once all parties have reached a compromise, thank your neighbour for their time and be sure to leave in friendly terms.

Key Takeaway

Multiculturalism is very valuable today. Everyone in the community can preserve it through patience and communication.

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