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6 Sweetest Spots at Home


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Destination wedding plans? Visiting loved ones overseas? About to go on a business trip? Your plans may need to wait given the crisis that the world is facing today. During the pandemic, home is the safest place we could be.

It’s great that we have the option to stay in our personal sanctuary. We have asked 33 respondents to identify their favourite spot at home and why.

Not surprisingly, the bedroom tops the charts, garnering 36% of the responses, while the kitchen is at the bottom with 6%.

6 Favourite Spaces at Home


1. Bedroom

Out of 33 respondents, 12 chose the bedroom as their preferred space at home for several reasons: privacy, relaxing, and cosy. After all, who doesn’t love sleeping?

To be specific, it’s not just the room but the bed itself that tops the survey. A respondent enjoyed resting on a comfy seven-layer spring system, while another finds reading in bed as a favourite downtime activity.

Interestingly, one mentioned that her dressing table in the bedroom makes her feel beautiful. Makes sense! We need to feel confident and empowered before going out into the world.


2. Living Room

Of the eight respondents who picked the living room, six of them specified the sofa as their go-to spot. Aside from the fact that the best television set is in this common area, it feels like the most well-ventilated space in the house.

Not only can you relax, read, and watch TV, it’s also a place for the family to gather. For parents, the living room also serves as a play area or where they can hang out while watching their kids.

One particularly cited a spot in the living room near the aquarium because of the calming effect of watching their fishes.


One unique answer was a carpet in front of the TV. When asked why, she said, “That’s the first place I go to when I’m back from work. All my cat’s toys are there and I’ll spend a solid half hour just playing with my two cats.”


3. Balcony

What’s not to love about the balcony? It’s your personal slice of the outdoors, which is in especially short supply these days. You could feel the cool breeze, bask in the sunlight, and have coffee while listening to the chirping of the birds.


4. Working desk/Computer chair

Surprisingly, four hardworking individuals spent most of their waking hours at their desks. It’s where they can tune with their creative side, get work inspiration, and watch news about what’s happening in the world.


5. Dining table

There’s a reason why we welcome people to our table – a meal is something we share with family and friends. At the dining table, we nourish our bodies and our hearts as well with warm conversations and life stories. Everything you love is definitely in one place!


6. Kitchen

Lastly, two respondents obviously find joy in cooking! The kitchen is where they let their culinary prowess shine, especially on weekends. Cooking also serves as their family bonding time. Bonus: good eats!

People identified these sweet spots for unique reasons. But one thing’s for sure, happiness can be found at home. Research shows that human memory is biased toward pleasant emotions – it helps improve our quality of life and keeps it that way.

Want to make your home even more special? Here are three scientifically proven ways to create happy memories at home.

At Ohmyhome, we believe that by making information accessible, we empower those who wish to do property transactions on their own but lack the confidence and experience. Our platform provides a complete end-to-end property ecosystem to help our customers create happy homes.
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Learn more about Ohmyhome services during the circuit breaker period.

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